Written by ironman

12 Feb 2013

On way way to the pub i was still fuming about the arguement id had with Paul,i was going to make him pay for being a cheating fucker.There he was taking a pounding from a complete stranger he had met in the pub,well im going to do the same!!

I walked in and had a look around to see who id like to fuck and there was one man who stood out like a sore thumb,he was about 6 foot in a suit clean shaven and a nice trim figure.i went and stood next to him and said hello,he replyed and asked y i was so pissed off so i told him.he laughed and said so your here to get a bit of payback then, i laughed and said yes.he asked if i was a top or bottom,im a top.with that he said follow me and off he went to the toilets.by the time i got in there he was standing in the cubicle with his jacket off and half his buttons undone.i went in and started kissing him and he responded eagerly.i helped with the remaining buttons of his shirt then i went for his trousers.belt off and zipp down then pulled trousers and boxers down in one.he was completely smooth all over and had a lovely looking cock.

i got down on my knees and took his cock in my mouth and started sucking him off,he had a nice pair of balls which i gave a little suck to.cock back in my mouth i could feel he was close to cuming so i reached around and pulled him in harder to fuck my mouth.he tensed then shot his load in my mouth,wasnt much but it tasted nice. i stood up and turned him around,he bent over so i stuck a couple of fingers in his hole,they went in easy so i new he was ready. fingers out cock out of my pants and stuck straight up there unprotected.i was so angry and horny i just had to fuck him.i put the tip of my cock by his hole and eased my bellend in,as i did that he pushed against me and i was completely in him,he moaned a bit but was loving it so i started fucking him as hard as i could. i only lasted about a minute before i shot my load and holy crap it was a big orgasm!!

i pulled out and pulled my pants and trousers up, said thanks and goodbye and went home,as i walked in paul was standing by the front door.i felt a bit awkward but had to tell him what id done