Written by bibiker01

30 Mar 2011


Ok guys, my 2nd story…..

I had taken a couple of week’s vacation to do some work on our old cottage in Brittany. On my 2nd morning I woke up to a beautiful day, sun up and getting warm so I pulled a pair of knee length Adidas shorts over white Dim briefs, a small t-shirt and headed out.

Needing some supplies, I headed up to St Brieuc and sorted out what I needed. Walking around the DIY depot’s I couldn’t keep my eye’s from straying to any sexy guy who walked past me, I felt horny, it was gonna be an interesting day.

Being such a nice day, I’d decided to check out a beach I’d heard about in the area near Plerin. It had been ages since I’d done any sunbathing and my English body was getting a little too white.

Arriving at the beach around noon; I grabbed a towel and trunks and walked up to the beach front. The sun was hot and the beach was getting busy, it looked quite long so I started walking to the far end where I could see some rocks jutting out to sea. Checking out a few guys bathing on the beach, and some of the younger guys too did nothing to calm me down, I was so horny and I could have ………hmm, let’s not go there.

After about 20mins walking along the beach, the crowds had thinned out, just the occasional bather dotted here and there. This continued for 200yards or so until I spotted a guy and girl naked, hmm, I wandered. As I walked further, the naked couples disappeared, but set back from the main beach edge I kept spotting bare bums and a few cocks hidden amongst the rocks. Not only had I wandered onto a nudist beach, it was mainly guys!

I did a bit of a scan around, and as I’d imagined it was mainly older guys, all hardened bathers and bronzed with it and a few slightly younger boyfriends. Tending to go for guys around my age or younger (I was 39) my horny state started to calm down, so I found a nice secluded spot near a mixed age couple. I laid my towel down, and removed my clothes making a bundle as a pillow. I stood up to alter the towel and was amazed to see how many guys were around me, all like Meerkats looking at me, guess I was the new boy in town.

After a couple of hours sunbathing, I fancied a walk and not wanting to startle any non nudists, I pulled on a pair of trunks, a bit skimpy but covering all the right areas, and went for a walk further up the beach, seemingly attracting the Meerkats again. As I walked there was a nice crunch under my feet of thousands of shells in huge piles, so I headed over to some rocks jutting out to sea a few hundred yards further on which seemed deserted. Whilst I was walking I had the feeling of being followed and when I stopped I could hear the crunch continue, I looked over my shoulder but no one was there. This continued for about 5 mins, and the sound was always on the other side of the rocks, but after a few tricky steps over some rocks, I’d forgot about the mystery sounds and found a really nice place on the rocks, nice and smooth and flat, so I took off my trunks and laid down, enjoying the sound of the waves just below.

After what seemed like 10 mins the sun seemed to dim down, strange as there were no clouds. I opened my eyes, covering with my hand and could see someone about 6ft from me. Stood in front of me was shear delight; about 5’ 10” of toned body, blond long hair and blue eyes and the tightest sixpack I’ve ever seen.

‘Bonjour’, he said…..I was shaking, ‘Bonjour’ I replied as he moved forwards and sat down. I was stunned as this young body from heaven, wearing only sandals and very tight fitting shorts was looking straight at me, head to toe naked. A brief smile was followed by his hand reaching out to touch my now very hard penis. He ran his fingers around my PA (Prince Albert) and licked his lips. No words, just slow, sensual caressing as he moved up to my stomach, then onto my nipples, hardly touching I was stunned with this young mans feel. He leaned forwards, and moved his lips to mine, again, just caressing my lips with his then retracing the steps of his fingers, nipples, stomach and then…….ohhh, I’ve died, as he flicks his tongue around the end of my hard cock, moments later he has engulfed me completely, then slowly lifts back to the tip.

After what seemed like hours, I decided I had to see this boy naked. I sat up, and lowered him to the ground, as I slowly pulled his shorts he lifted his bottom of the ground and out sprang the most stunning site, 9inches of solid cock emerging from a completely hairless body. Returning the treat, slowly I reached out and gently passed my fingers over his for-skin and then gently pulled it back…….revealing the largest head I have ever seen, easily 7inches in circumference. I lowered my lips, and started to run them across the length of this young manhood. Stopping at his balls, I took one into my mouth, pulling it slightly as his legs began to shake a little and he moaned. I move back along his long length and took his head into my mouth, licking around it to get it nice and moist. He moaned as I slowly started to lower my mouth over this huge piece of perfection, I gagged, then slowly I explored the whole length of teenage cock. Every now and again I tasted his precum as I felt him shudder.

We explored each other for possibly and hour, each taking turns in bringing the other almost to a high. Then, while I was on my back, this time he moved his lips further down my leg, and then slowly lifted both of them up and then with his lips traced my inner thigh to my ass, straight away I was his for ever as he expertly rimmed and probed me. Never before had I imagined how someone as young as this, could have learned his craft so expertly. I could feel my ass getting more and more loose and moist, and he just kept on, watching me and hearing me moan. I had my eyes closed, and then the feeling changed, I opened my eyes as he was just bringing the tip of his cock to my ass., Slowly, and with the cheekiest smile on his face, he began to push into me, opening my ass wider than any cock before had tried. I new I would hurt, but I was powerless, as this erect perfection eased further into me.

As he fully entered me, he lowered down and kissed me on the lips, at the same time slowly withdrawing almost fully and then pushing back in. A boy, young enough to be my son had me pinned and powerless as he sped up his stokes, still pushing deep he was as an athlete, ploughing my ass like never before. We kissed, and fucked for what seemed like ages, who knows, but I didn’t want it to stop, I wanted him to take him home. As he pushed harder, I felt his cock get larger, impossible, but it did and his body began to shake, his cock pulsed and he gave out a loud moan followed by jet after jet of hot cum splattering my insides, 10, 12, more than I can ever remember. He collapsed onto me, still inside and holding me tight then he lifted off, stood up and smiled at me with a killer smile, pulled on his shorts and was gone.

I lay there, shocked by what had just happened, not completely sure what to think I moved my hand down to my ass, and what seemed like a litre of cum was oozing from me, I licked my fingers and it was the sweetest tasting cum ever.

After washing myself up, I headed back to where I had laid earlier. No one moved, no one looked and no where was my dream of a Youngman to be seen.