Written by trainman

26 Apr 2010

a few yrs ago I worked on a house, re-developing it...gutted the whole place, ripped out windows, internal walls....a general building site with external walls and roof, stairs

...used to go back at night, in an acre of grounds, private n locked up....take some sexy gear and if I ever picked anyone up took them back there.

On saturdays I used to meet a suck buddy there...I knew it was safe so stripped and put on torn briefs, dirty workboots...found a piece of polystyrene we used for insulation, 4'x8'...propped it against a door and cut a hole in it at cock height, so when my buddy turned up he had to walk round the place looking for me, getting hornier as he searched then he came to the door he saw my stiff cock sticking thru the gloryhole.....I heard him walk towards me and then felt his hand on my cock, squeezing it and tugging it....then his mouth as he bent over to suck me...he pulled my balls thru the hole and sucked them too....after a few minutes he pushed my cock back thru the hole then slipped his own shaved stiff cock thru, he was wearing a metal cock ring and as I took him in my mouth it hit my teeth....I sucked on him long n hard and heard him say 'Suck that cock u bitch'..which only made me hornier.

When his bell end was red n swollen he withdrew, moved the 'door' and came thru...I walked away from him further into the house...wanking all the time...he was wearing denim jeans, a leather jacket and leather bike boots....I went upstairs and stood against a door frame

...when he arrived he noticed some webbing I'd left there and started to tie me, spreadeagled in the door frame...my arms and legs wide apart. When he had me nice n tight he started to twist my nipples, wanking me as he did so, pulling on my cock real hard n tugging my balls backwards...when he had me real hard he knelt down n rammed my cock into his mouth, pulling my balls to his chin, then sucked me fast n deep...telling me I was a dirty fucker n he was gonna drain my balls. He got me so horny I knew I was going to cum, so he undid the ties on the door frame, leaving them round my wrists and ankles then led me outside.

There was a small yellow 'dumper' truck out there and he climbed onto the driving seat, pulling me up after him. He got me on my knees in front of the seat, unzipped his fly and took out his cock. 'Suck it Bitch' he commanded and tying me to the truck he started to face fuck me. It was a warm summer day and we were outside in private grounds, me almost naked, cept for pervy shorts, boots n cock rings and him playing the MASTER forcing his cock down my throat. He reached behind and slipped the shorts down so the sun was on my naked arse, then wetting his finger he slowly started to slip it inside me as he shoved his cock further down my throat...'Come on, you dirty fucker, take it all' he said....

He knew he cldn't take much more so pulled his cock out and slapped my face with it, then, climbing over me, he twisted me round so i was on my knees and tugged my shorts down and off ...he ordered me to open my legs, climbed down so he was stood next to me wanked me fast and slipped a wet finger into my arse....I almost came right then but when he said 'I'm going to leave you tied here outdoors while I go to the cottage n bring another guy back and make you suck both our cocks' I cldn't hold it any longer n shot my load all over the dirty yellow truck.

He milked me, then lciked my arse and did leave me tied there.....he came back 20 mins later with another guy.

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