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Bumping into a friend leads in the sun

"Amazing who you find in the dunes"

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I wasn't sure about recounting this true story , till a good friend told me how his wife had been to a work conference and recognised a man she'd had sex with in the 70s on a nudist beach with her first husband - some 40 years ago.!!!

As I said before I often went to a beach just south Port La Nouvelle in France. I'd been working on this day .Midday Id had enough very hot for spring time crawling around a loft full of fibre glass .

I locked up and drove the few km to the beach . I drove past the " clothing optional sign" in many language. It was a hot day but the wind was evil . Beach was busy both at the shoreline and at the dunes - not really dunes more mixture of sand and bushes ,long grass - parked up.. Undressed , no clothes and went for a swim or more of a wash to get rid of the itchy fibres .

Once out I put the towel down for a nap and dry off , the wind was severe so.i settled behind the car helping stay out of the wind . I woke maybe hour later , the wind now whipping the sand up like being shot blasted .

I'd got the erection test comes with a sleep sometimes , more like afternoon glory than morning .

I got in the car still fully naked , semi erect and drove to the dunes at the back . This day lot of cars more than normal . I thought its the wind others have the same idea as me . Sunbath in the warmth with the dunes protection.

As I parked up I noticed a Car that seemed familiar, but it was a French one and thought nothing of it . I grabbed a towel , book and headed into the dunes . Just stroking my cock abit , maybe hopefully looking for an old couple doing a display , even a gay guy looking to suck a cock. I had and my ex wife both played in the dunes( another story ) when we were together, at times I'd seen maybe 10+ couples and loads of gay or Bi guys loitering .

Today I can see a few towels but no one , I walked past 3 or 4 empty spots. Then I saw up infront 4 or 6 maybe more guys stood . It looked like they were watching a display as the were all stroking or massaging thier cocks.

I walk over with the hope of a young couple doing a great sex show , also knowing it never happens . Sure enough there's a guy , very hairy on his knees with a younger guy on all 4s taking some cock in his ass , I can see no condom either . The group of men watching or expecting a turn steadily stroking to stay hard . The older hairy is really giving it to this guy , slamming into him . I can see wet sand under the guy, he's cock very limp swinging , he's either cum.or has been well fucked with it leaking on to the sand .

The guy grunts , pushes hard pumps into him then withdrawns letting the last bits oozing on the guys crack . He's up.and quickly replaced , maybe this is the queue . As I turn to leave the guy in all 4s says something as he turns to see who's now about to fuck his asshole . Instantly I see a friend I know , it is Tony as in Tony and Em who run some gites !!!! I know them throught friends of friends etc in the ex pat community that I try to stay clear of . I put towel down, dry off and head home sniggering. That evening I tell my ex wife and she's shocked but says" I always thought he was gay and hiding in a marriage "

"They have 2 young kids ! " my ex says " Means nothing"

Well that was the end of that till 2 weeks passed by finished work and to a bar for a drink.. Who should I see but Tony out with Em and the girls.

After a time he come over to say Hi."About the beach the other day." He starts with.

" Tony it's all fine and forgotten let jus forget it ever happened ".

He starts to explain that since Em had the girls she's not keen on sex and basically knows but ignores it.I again say it's nothing with me.and I'm fine just forget it .

They are an odd couple in late 20s maybe early 30s both Ex coppers 2 girls just about school age . Em is very slim , attractive , dark hair, wears glasses ,has the look of a stern teacher . Tony, tall very butch looking and an effeminate voice , I'd wondered how he every got her but he is naturally fun guy both part of the ex pat gang that I dislike .

Months past by and it's the first week in September, kids all school., holiday makers fucked off home beaches quieter and sea is warm . Its my favourite time of year, so much so ive pick a job close favorite beach .

The very first afternoon I've been swimming ,.gone to.the dunes and had a guy cock . I'm living on my own now so it's better than wanking in the house over porn .

Day two, watched a young red.head suck.her guy off in the dunes while the audience stands wanking .

Day three, old couple fucking and I get a very old guy taking a load in his mouth , I'm 40.this guys maybe 60 but I closed my eyes think of a porn film as I filled his mouth .

Day four , and I'm very tempted by a guy in the dunes offering his ass to me. Another guy steps in and result a blow job with a finger in my ass .... little siesta and wake with a hard cock and have a wank on my back with a couple watching me , she offered me her fellas cock to suck.i declined .

I miss the weekend out and work Monday. It's so hot and pack up . I head to the beach as normal. Once parked up its really busy and on a Monday too . There's loads of cars at the shore line . After a swim , I'm lying on my towel and I spy a familiar car . Now I've changed my UK car and have a beaten up old French van . The car , mom n dad wagon more like pull up not far from me . I get up move the towel , sunglasses on and lying on my front .

Out steps Em from passenger side and Tony drivers .

After unloading parasol, towels etc they Undress, Tony fully naked not any hesitation, Em then lifts off her dress over her head. She has no bra , small breast even after 2 kids , a white thong , high waisted and showing her curves to perfection. She ties her long dark hair up with a band from her wrist , then removes her thong , fully shaved , looking tight and not really an inch of fat on her . She stops out her normal dark glasses for sunnies .

I'm feeling horny and can feel the erection growing my cock pushing into the soft sand .

After a swim , bit of sun bathing they start to pack up., neither getting dressed yet . When Em bent over to pick her towel.up and shake the sand ... I thought I'd cum !!!

I watch as they leave , they aren't dressed so I doubt they are leaving for home .

They head for the dunes and I'm up packed in seconds in the car and following like a stalker .

I park close by, they don't know my car , sunglasses on towel, book and head into the dunes . I'm frustrated I can find them, there's the usual old couples, gay guys alone etc..

My erection has gone now , I head back toward the car , I'm think if I can get a blow job then home . Their car still here , off I go searching till I find them . Not gone straight back into the dunes off to the left instead. I hold back behind 3 guys that are watching , stood naked and wanking .

As I move forward to get a better view, I can see Em she's naked lying on her side with Tony's cock in her mouth , head bouncing up and down. Maybe she regained her sex drive , I'm slowly pleasuring my growing erection watching this, another guy come from behind me to watch , brushes against me letting his hand linger on my naked ass cheeks.

She sucks his cock for ages , I can't belive he's not cum . Now my French isn't bad but Em lifts her head from cock and speaks. I have no idea what she says , but a guys steps forward , drops down and is sucking Tony now , he's groaning , moaning , pinching his nipple . Em is sat back.on a low chair, inches off the sand just pleasuring her self watching her husband been sucked off . He's not gonna stop as he cums in this guys mouth , pumping , jerking on his back . Once the last bits are dripping they kiss , I can see the open mouth on open mouth swopping his cum. Tony has his hand on the guys cock.starting to.wank him. It very sexy , my cock is hard watching this and I'm no gay at all . The guy stood beside me starts touching my cock with his hand , there's quite a gathering now .

Tony gets to his feet , brushing the sand off . Em tells him" Get down I want your ass fucked now " she delves in the beach bag and tosses him some KY jelly, he drops to his knees and opens the jelly smearing it all over his ass crack . Then face down on the towel and ass up " Tony move round so I can see them pumping your ass full now " Em says . He shuffles round and thr guy who had stepped forward is in like a shot .... no hesitate cock in his ass up to the balls

Em who's sat watching speaks in French, the guy who's had my cock in his hand now walks round and once in front of Tony , lifts his head and pushes his cock into his mouth .

My friend now on a public beach being spit roasted, his wife playing with her clit . A couple who I thought boring and snooty !!

The crowd is enjoying the show , I hear an English voice behind me , as another young couple I know sort of enter the audience. I hear Simon say to maxine " he's such a slut look at him "

Em hearing the voice looks round till she sees Si and Max " Oh hi guys did you have a good swim ? "

" Oh yeah it was great , saw the car and thought we come see what your are up too "max replied

Em " He loves cock , it's a good afternoon here and he can get as much cock as he wants "

I've lost concentration on the scene in front and need to slip away before anyone notices me .

Tony still on all 4s and I think there's 2 fresh guys fucking him now , hard to tell with a crowd of naked men

Si and Max step through the crowd , both naked too , she's a stunner , he's an arse a "trust fund baby" doesn't work Mey him once and what a cunt !

They sit chatting with Em . At one point , Tony with no cock in his mouth says " Hi Si n Max "

It's a surreal scene. , I've lost count of the guys he's had in his ass or mouth.

As the crowd thins down I need to go before I'm rumbled . I've lost my erection now and feel I've stayed too long . I back off into the few still watching .

Em shouts out " You not staying to have a go on Tony then Steve or did you think you might get fun with me ?"

I'm clearly rumbled , not sure what to do .Its a really odd thing , we aren't really friends , we have all seen each other naked now and performing sex acts too ! My head says walk away , my cock says your marriage is over so let's fuck !.

As I turn to walk back towards the gathering, " It was the tattoo on your back that gave you away , also the fact Mo( soon to be ex wife) and you had fucked here before " " She got pissed and told everybody what sluts you both are " then the three are laughing , Tony still butt fucked and face fucked .

"It's true we had both fucked ,been fucked here in the dunes and both loved it " I replied as I walked back.. The guys stood around all either French or Spanish, no idea what's happening or going on .

My cock rising abit , Em still open legged with her fingers firm on her clit . I looked at it, Tony still spit roasted , his wife saying all this .

" cmon EM come suck my cock then let's have fun " I'm stood now wanking it the strangest situation I've ever been in .

"Si loves anal sex and we know both you and Tone are sluts us girls don't do that" they both laugh

" OK you have it then I will fuck Simon in the ass if that's it ?"

Em " No he gets you we wanna watch boy on boy today "

It pointless responding, drop my towel and with my ever growing stiffness walk over to Si , I grab his cock " You ain't gonna get that soft thing in my ass boy"

Before he speaks I'm dropping to my knees , both Em and Max are " woot woot " suck him

I sink to my knees now his very soft cock just starting to grow before my eyes .As a guy who loves his cock sucked I'm awesome on my knees but not keen on a mouth full of cum . I start with licking the tip, tracing my tongue down to just under the base of the head , my hand rubbing his balls , playing with the part between his ass and balls . I'm working on his head , lips kissing , blowing , hand massaging his balls up his crack and back down .Steady with purpose , I want pre cum on his tip before I take his whole shaft in mouth warm mouth .

Pulls my head back " let me sit and enjoy this " I'm too stupid to realise that I'm being conned . I'm now on all 4s well using my lips and mouth to excite Si , he is moaning now but I can't taste the pre cum yet .

Then I feel is on my ass , a finger probing my tight hole , pushing into me . I have no idea who it is , one of the ladies or the French guys that were stood round . Then 2 fingers inside my ass, I push back on them . I hear one of the girls say " your a slut for your ass fucking like Mo said"

I'm enjoying the ass play , but taste the pre cum just on the tip, he's fully hard and moaning . The pre cum , salty but not over powering and not as thick its a pleasuring taste but also a warning , I'd often enjoyed the pre cum so much that I'd lost my mind and composure and had a huge load in me too soon . I aware of the fingers leaving my ass and replaced by warm hot breath , I do hope I'm gonna have my asshole licked , the wet feeling is amazing as I am rimmed , my cock very hard now . The rimming is incredibly erotic and I'm a slut for that , With the pre cum I now open my mouth fully and grip his shaft tight with my lips, I'm trying to wank his cock deep into my mouth, he is thrusting now at me , pushing his cock deeper into my throat , I feel like I will gag if this continues. I take the whole lenght into my mouth my lips nearly touching his balls , I can now feel I think its a cock at my asshole . I'm desperate to be fucked and as he slips in I push back hard feeling the fullness of his cock deep in me , I moan slightly and can here the girls cheering now . I focus on the cock in my mouth as my ass is pounded , my own cock now starting to leak , he's thrusting alot now making me gag , then it's too late I feel the first expansion of his cock in my mouth. Suddenly I try to back off and get his cock from my mouth , he grabs my head forcing deeper into my throat " Tony I'm gonna cum in the sluts mouth , fill his ass now " In that moment it both horror and desire . Si pumps wad after wad of his hot salty cum, hitting the room of my mouth spraying my throat with jets of spunk ,he shouting " Swallow it all bitch " I'm choking nearly my eyes are tearing up as the pleasure takes over , first pump is deep in my ass , the second again deep , he's now pushed fully into my ass pumping his cock and his full balls deep in me . Si now reduced to a little trickle let's my head go , the cum and slobber dripping from my fucked mouth, I've swallowed loads of cum deep in my belly , he wipes the last bits on my open gasping mouth . Tony has stopped pumping my ass full now and I feel used but very horny my own cock leaking cum onto the sand . I breath a sigh of relief and look over at the 2 girls watching, both happy and laughing with there phones capturing my spit roast on a public beach in the afternoon . As Tony finally pull is semi soft cock from my ass , it's soon replaced by who knows . For the next hour I took probably 8 or more loads in my ass , it was sore , gaping like never before , I did take Tony in my mouth , though he pulled out to spray my face with cum for a photo .

I left mid afternoon, sore ass , total humiliation and scared of the fact I was filmed. The cum leaking from my ass , stained the car seat , on the drive home .

Anytime I saw either couple they laughed. My ex wife knew and saw the film , from that September day till March I was determined to get my own back on her as she had helped make it all happen .

Written by Devdomguy69

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