Written by billytheperv

21 Jun 2012

for beginning see part 1....

we stood there catching our breath after we'd both cum. Our cocks and stomachs still touched, with our cum all mixed up between us.

I looked at my watch and told Callum if he could order a taxi for me we'd have another 15 minutes to play. He called the taxi and booked it to arrive in 20 minutes, showing me where the shower was as he did so..... I jumped in the shower and started to clean our spunk off. He quickly finished the call, but unfortunately his shower was too small for him to join me. so after I'd showered i jumped out and he took my place, quickly getting showered and cleaned. We didn't speak much but were both watching each other closely. As i dried myself and watched him soap himself up my cock started to rise to attention. I made sure he could see, and slowly wanked it to help it rise to full hardness. Callum turned out to be an exhibitionist and loved showing off. As he cleaned himself he stood facing me and as he cleaned his cock he smiled at me as he wanked his cock. Only now did i take in its features. His cock was 6 inches, but thick, and his cock and balls were completely shaved. I could see his heavy balls dangling down and swing as he moved. He also had a large foreskin which made the head of his cock disappear as he wanked himself.

I told callum I needed to stay clean now for my meeting so I suggested a 69 would be good. he smiled and nodded. As he dried himself he led me through to his bedroom. I lay on my back on the bed and slowly wanked my cock as i watched him finish getting dried. In a minute he was ready to join me. Straight away he went into a 69 position, and slowly climbed on the bed on top of me. I felt his warm mouth envelope the head of my cock, and at the same time felt his tongue swirl round it. I moaned out loud at the exquisite pleasure and reciprocated by lifting my head to lick the tip of his cock, tasting his precum for the first time. As i pulled his foreskin back he pushed his mouth further down on my cock. As the head of his cock appeared out of his foreskin I started to suck his cock properly.

We both became quite and concentrated on sucking each other. The only sounds that could be hear were some quiet moans from both of us and some gentle sucking noises. After a few minutes i told him i was close. He told me he was too and without speaking we both got back to sucking, letting each oher know we were happy to swallow the others load. We came almost simultaneously. I came first, and felt and intense orgasm as what felt like gallons of cum exploded out my cock into callum's mouth. Within seconds i felt his cock erupt in my mouth. I greedily swallowed and managed to swallow it all without spilling any.We both continued to suck each others cock clean as our erections subsided. Despite waning to lie and enjoy the feeling I realized I need to get ready to leave.

As i got up and started to get dressed Callum's door buzzer rang. He told the taxi driver to wait as his passenger was on his was. floated out the door a minute later, in my warm post-orgasmic glow. As i left callum told me to get in touch the next time i was back. I told him i would and that I'd be back the following month, but that i'd need to have an overnight stay next time... the smile on his face told me that he he was looking forward to it....