13 Aug 2015

The next morning I was up early and went for a long ride. I was horny and hoping to find somewhere for a wank, but I was really surprised at how busy it was and I seemed to not go 5 minutes without encountering some one. I rode the last mile slowly towards the nine bar gate back into the campsite. I could see some one at the gate and as I got nearer I saw that it was Pat. He was smiling broadly and he opened the gate for me to ride through.

“Morning, Harry,” he said cheerfully, but in a quiet voice, “you look good in the gear!”

As always I took it for granted that I was in my lycra, but as I was horny I decided to dismount and stretch knowing that my cock would be obvious to him. He flicked his eyes down and then back to me.

“Have you had breakfast?” he asked, which I had not. “Why not come to our tent, if you like?”

“Sure,” I answered, in intrigue. “Let me just stow this,” I nodded to my bike, “and grab a quick shower..”

“Oh, you are fine,” he interrupted, “Please, come as you are.” He walked a short way with me until we split to go to, but pointed out where his pitch was.

Ten minutes later, I was walking across the site, it was less busy than yesterday I noticed and a few tents had vanished since I was out this morning. Pat was in a large caravan with an awning. The blinds were down and he had told to just come in, but I paused by the door.

“Knock, knock,” I called.

“Come in,” Pat answered in what sounded like a strain in his voice. My intrigue was peaked and justified in an instance, the canvas door opened and I stepped in to see Pat in a maid’s out fit, a traditional French affair with a choker with a ring on it, more like a collar than a choker. I was aware of my mouth falling open and I was lost for words.

“I am glad you like it, Harry,” he said, “I have been so excited all morning!”

“Show him how excited,” came a gentle man’s voice from inside the caravan. He had a broad Scottish accent. It fell in to place that Pat would be here with a guy, on his ‘kind-of anniversary’ I recalled him calling it last yesterday. Pat lifted the front of his little skirt and showed me the outline of his hard cock in his knickers, only about four inches, held back by the tight material with a wet patch at the tip. My own cock stiffened and, more forward than he was last night, he reached out to trace it with his fingers in my shorts. He stood like that before me and simply rubbed up and down my shaft. God I needed some relief, I thought. I recalled how I had wanked off over Pat, less that 12 hours ago. It was very sexy, but not a patch on being touched like this.

“I told Duncan how hot you were,” he told me, “he was so pleased with the present you gave me last night as well.” I was buzzing, I found it so hot how he talked about Duncan like this. He stepped closer to me and moved around me, I felt his body so close, he brushed my legs with the frill of his skirt and his stockings. “He told me instantly how he wanted to meet you as well,” and his voice softened and he spoke like he was asking a question, “And how he wanted to play with you!”

I gasped now, Pat was behind me, his arms around me he rubbed my nipples, and pinched with as much grip as he could manage through my top. I felt the hardness of his dick and he was rubbing it against me, virtually dry humping me. I moaned out.

“Are you ready to meet him?” he asked me and I nodded my reply.

“Well come in here,” Duncan’s voice came from the caravan once more, softly. Pat moved me forward and I stepped up inside. It was even darker than the awning and what light there was cast a large shadow as, to my left, Duncan rose from the bench seat. I let out a breath, he was a big guy, easily six foot four and very broad with it. Light glistened off a silky dressing gown. He put his hand out and I reached to shake, but missed as his hand rose to my shoulder and turned me round.

I felt a little shimmer of nerves as he moved me backwards (to the right of the door I came in), Pat was there and he opened a door which I pretty much fell through to land on a large mattressed area. Pat giggled as he fell on the bed next to me and Duncan stepped in, totally filling the doorway before he stepped in and closed it behind him.

The small room was silent except for the breathing, I could hear Pat nearly panting and Duncan taking longer, more relaxed breaths. The bed creaked as it took the weight of the third man. His hands were large and strong and he moved me around the bed with ease; I was rolled around caressed as my shorts and top were peeled off me. I tried to reach and touch him, but everytime I got my bearings I was moved again until at last I settled face to face on my side with Pat. He moaned as I instantly put my hand out and felt the material of his outfit, silky to the touch. I traced his arms which led to his hands, behind his back. Duncan’s big hand was on my bum cheek, squeezing while his other stroked my back and arm.

I was so horny I wanted cock and in the absence of being able to find Duncan’s I reached for Pat’s crotch. His knickers were wet and he moaned as I pushed my hand inside. He was small but rock hard, his hand snapped round to hold mine.

“Ugh, sir,” he grunted, “He is on my cock.”

“Well done,” he answered, “What did I say about that?” His hands continued to work over my body as he talked so casually.

“You said it would be my reward, sir.”

“I did, Pat, well done. Sit up, Harry,” he continued, “I want to see this.” I sat on the edge of the bed and a bright light flared until my eyes adjusted, a blind had been rolled up, through mesh there was a view of the campsite between a few trees. My view was blocked immediately though by Pat who stood in front of me. Duncan moved behind me so I was between his knees, his hairy legs rubbing against me. His arms locked around me with his fingers playing on my nipples. I moaned.

Pat pulled his knickers down and stepped out of them, placing them to hang on my hard on. He pulled on my cock briefly and giggled again. The sound trembled from his excitement. I smelt his cock, sweet with the aroma of come and I was intoxicated, eager to be his reward. He rose as he stepped up onto something and with a not much effort needed, Duncan pushed me forward. His sticky helmet touched my lips and I opened my mouth for him. Not long, but thicker than I thought, his cock tasted great and I close my lips around him.

“Mmmm,” said Duncan, his head to the side of mine. He whispered, “Pat is such a good maid, he made a promise that he would not come until he found me a new someone new to play with.” I sucked him tight in my mouth as he pushed back and forth of my face, “that was five weeks ago now,” and after a slight pause he continued, “so he has got a lovely load for you…”

Suddenly he moved back and away and I was flat on my back. Duncan stood behind Pat and pushed him onto me. “Give it to him,” he instructed Pat whose body weight pinned me down briefly as he clambered up my body. Pat was straddling my face now, with his legs on my arm. He moved his hips and his cock hit my face, his heavy balls trailing over my mouth and nose as well. I realised he was teasing me, drawing out the moment.

“Mmmm, give it to me,” I moaned and Duncan laughed.

“Oh Harry, you are a good boy too, aren’t you!” He sat on my leg and I felt completely pinned. I felt him adjust himself and I established that his ball sack was big and heavy as it rested on my leg. I wanted to feel his cock too, but my attention was quickly drawn back to Pat.

I was gasping with excitement and as I opened my mouth to catch a lick of his cock again, he shifted and pushed it back into my mouth. It was different now, and he pumped up and down, fucking my face. His legs were shaking and he was heaving his breath now. With Duncan’s hands running up and down my leg, getting further and further up, Pat suddenly held position and then resumed a frantic pumping as his come shot into my mouth . I swallowed a lot of it but then I cough-spluttered some out. It seemed to be over quickly, but even as he softened between my lips I felt another dribble of jizz come from him.

They stayed in position and Pat moved so that I was licking his soft cock and balls, I tasted come everywhere. Now with less distraction, I realised Duncan’s hands were all over me still, pinching my nipples and squeezing me, his breathing a more consistent grunt it seemed. I wished I could reach my cock, I was so turned on.

“Give me more,” I breathed.

“Are you ready?” Duncan answered and he got up and sat now so he straddled my stomach. This time when he settled down the weight of his cock also touched on me and I gasped.

“He is big,” Pay giggled, “So big, Harry!” A shiver went through me. With Pat still sat on my face, I could not see it, but as Duncan edged up my chest, he moved over. Before I could move, Duncan’s knees took their turn to hold my arms down. He raised up them, his knees on the bed now with his shins pinning me down. His thick shaft brushed my face several times as he lined up for my eager lips and tongue.

He was rock hard and smooth, silk from his gown trailed over my face. His tip forced my lips tight and I craned my neck to get more in. In return my mouth was instantly filled. There was barely any room for movement, but he managed to shift what felt like a few inches in and out, I gagged and just about caught the reaction in time. I could hear words, but could not make out what was being said, just words like, ‘hot mouth’ and ‘easy slut’. I lapped it all up, I loved being held down like this and having my mouth used, the word ‘reward’ ran through my mind and as if on cue, Duncan tensed up and a second helping of come squirted into me, this time though it all fired down my throat except of the last couple of spurts which swilled around my tongue as he pulled out.

“What a come slut!” Duncan announced as he moved down the bed. I noticed how he was still hard and could finally see his cock, it was the biggest I had seen yet, I guessed at ten inches. “I think one more is in order,” he chuckled as he easily pulled me down the bed and lifted my legs up. They were lifted high and rolled so that my cock was above me. Beyond my hard I could see Duncan towering above me, a grin on his face. My heart was pounding as Pat took my hands and place them at my ankles. Filthy thought bombarded my mind, thinking about his huge dick and me so exposed to him in this position.

“Oh my god,” I croaked.

“Oh you dirty boy, Harry,” Duncan said softly, “I like you, you will be great fun,” he continued, “but you are not ready for that now…” he rubbed his hands over my bum cheeks, pawing me and I could see he wanted it. Instead Pat reached across my face and took my cock in hand. The touch felt incredible and he tugged me. In this slightly strained position my breathing was ragged and I felt my come rising. Duncan stepped in and pushed my legs. I strained as my cock sat about an inch from my face. He rubbed my perineum as Pat brought me off, my mouth open hungry to catch all my own spunk. Finally the sensations of orgasm hit me and thick wads fell from my cock and I savoured the taste. Again I spluttered come in my mouth as the last drops were pulled from me. Duncan made appreciative noises and my legs were released. My back ached and legs shook as I lay there. Duncan stood proud above me, his cock still erect and alluring. He fastened his gown and walked casually back to the living room area.

“Bye for now, Harry,” he said, “We will see you again later.

I lay there on the bed and looked at Pat. He was lying next to me, a stupid excited grin on his face. I could see he was looking at my lips, an envious look I knew too well! In his hand he held my shorts and top.

I made my way back to my tent smiling. I did not know that was the breakfast that was planned, but I was far from disappointed!