Written by steve

12 Feb 2010

Until recently i consider myself straight im married pretty happily but i started to get gay thoughts that wouldnt be sated by wanking I began to find gay sex fascinating the sub and dom side of things found myself looking at gay sites wanking over the clips

I began thinking about making my fantasies a reality.

I stuck up a profile saying i was looking for a first time experience 2 days later a guy wrote to me his name Alan said he was 36 fit and that he was gay and would like to show me the way to go.

we exchanged pictures he looked ok shaved head goatee he asked to see my cock funny taking a picture of my erection! i sent it, he sent his back long shaved with a big head and heavy balls he asked for my number i had an old mobile gave him that number I went in the garden he called me we chatted a bit then he asked me what i wanted to do i said i wasnt sure he suggested we met in our cars and had a wank together I said ok.

could i do tonight i began to get nerves but said yes i could get away we arranged a place which we both knew in epping forest when he rang of i could feel my erection hard in my jeans.

that evening i made an excuse had a shower and left part of me hated the idea of wanting gay sex the other side felt wild excitement i drove into the forest carpark he told me he had a ford 4x4 it was there i parked up next to it the window opened it was him he smiled got out we shook hands most guys dont turn up he said then he opened the back door and got in beckoning me to follow

I did his car was warm he loked the doors we talked for a bit then he said he wanted to see my cock I undid my jeans easing them down my pants bulged take them off to he said in a husky voice i pulled them down i was almost hard he then undid his belt got up on the seat pulled of his trousers he wasnt wearing pants his erection looked bigger than mine thicker the head was definetly bigger he wanked himself i watched his technique pulling back his foreskin making the glands bulge

lets see you wank he said i took my cock we wanked together

you want to feel me he said

i nodded he sat close to me put his arm round me, come on then he said i reached over took the shaft in my hand felt hot alive it pulsed i move my hand up and down he then took my cock and slowly we wanked together he stroked my balls massaging under my balls i wanked him harder pulling his foreskin back he grunted with pleasure

go faster he moaned i did yes thats good he wanked me faster i could feel my body tensing close to cumming he wanked me harder you cumming he said

god yes i said he pulled away from me then i felt his mouth over my glands tongue running down my shaft i came spurting into his mouth i cried out in pure pleasure his strong fingers massaged my balls emptying my sack i collapsed into the seat

again he moved next to me put arm round me come on finish me off again i took his cock beads of precum emerged

thats nice he kept saying i was transfixed on his glands wanting to see his cum shoot i felt his hand go behind my head pulling me down

no mess in my car Steve he said pushing me down further the hard swollen glands were on my cheek i could smell his sex i instinctively open my mouth he pushed my head right down his hot cock surged in sweet warm taste i began sucking him enjoying the sensation he moved his hand and ran my lips tongue up and down his shaft sucking licking the glands

god he said felt him tense the head expand he gently but firmly pushed my head down the shaft then he moaned loudly i felt his cock jerk i tasted his cum thick spurts followed by thinner more liquid spurts over my tongue into my throat

swallow it Steve he said i gagged swallowing hard instantly i felt his cock soften i sat up

you like that he said unexpected i said you thought about though yes? yes i said

like to take things further with you he leaned forward kissed me on the lips felt the tingle of his goatee then pulled back when he saw i was ok he leaned forward again and we kissed his tongue pushed between my teeth and i responded wanting him

then he eased off

see you again soon? i nodded we did up our jeans got out of the car i got into mine and he waved as he drove off

i sat there in shock his cum felt dry sticky on my lips i drove round for a bit then on to home when i got back everyone was asleep i opened my lap top there was an e mail from him saying how much he loved my company did i want phone sex the next night as he was away the next night i made my excuses went out in the car i phoned from the same carpark

he told me what he wanted me to do i listened and wanked felt my balls pinched my nipples i told him i was close to cumming he then he told me to lick my middle 2 fingers ease them into my bum hole as i wanked this was a huge first but i did my middle finger went in smoothly felt my cock harden he told me to wiggle my finger i did wanking myself hard i came it was so intense so lovely my orgasm felt longer deeper my cum spurted over the car seat and my shirt

i heard you cumming he said was it brilliant oh yes i said fantastic

wait till its my cock inside you and im wanking you then you will know pleasure

when i said........