Written by Joe Nine

7 Apr 2013

Last summer I had a day’s holiday due to me, I rang the office early, made sure everything was covered and announced that I would not be in. It was one of the only days last summer you knew it was going to be sunny.

Phone call made I collapsed into a chair and wondered how I could make best use of the weather. The car was well overdue a wash so after a strong coffee and a shower, put on a loose top, shorts and deck shoes. I set off to the local hand car wash. I got there about 10.30am and the day was starting warm up. As usual my car was pounced on by 4 or 5 very eager employees, all with a set task and very well drilled. One particular guy (I presumed the company joker) started to soap the front windscreen. As he reach to get to the middle of the windscreen, his regulation yellow tee shirt trailed on the windscreen and got rather wet. As he stood up straight, it clung to his body showing off a rather tasty muscular frame beneath. I must have made it obvious I was looking as he again stretched across my windscreen so his torso ran quite erotically across the windscreen. I was transfixed and just could not take my eyes off him as he made show of stretching as far as he could when walking to the other side of the car would have been easier. No pants under my shorts, I could feel the stirrings as my penis woke up and started to take interest in what was going on. As he pealed himself from my car, he looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. At this point I realised all his colleagues had stopped working to watch him. As he turned and faced them they all started sniggering! I thought I was the butt of a cruel joke.

I got out of the car feeling a little embarrassed and sat on a chair in the sunshine as they went to work on the inside. I had brought a book but it just stayed unopened in my hand as I closed my eyes and enjoyed the relaxing sunshine. In no time at all I as reliving what had just happened and the fact that something I found very erotic made me a figure of fun very soon after. I felt my cheeks beginning to flush with embarrassment until I was informed “ready sir” in a husky European tongue. I kept my head down and didn’t make eye contact with anybody as I paid for the car wash and took off up the road as quick as I dare. I got home and my thoughts turned to lunch, light lunch and a nice dinner or a big lunch and sod thinking about dinner. As I was pondering the phone went after thinking for a while I picked it up just in case work needed to get hold of me. “Hello!” I cheerily said into it. “This is Costel, you get your car washed just now?” A little taken aback I answered “yes, that’s right” “We take bag out of back by mistake, so sorry, it looks as if it is important, we found your phone number inside, we have it here, it is safe!” It was important; it was my mobile office minus my laptop which I always take out of the car. “Right” I said “thank you, I will be down for it in 10 minutes!” “No need, it has your address, I will bring it round” click the phone went dead.

I stood a little confused, I tried to phone back but the call was from a withheld number! Do I go straight round there and risk passing by bag going in the other direction? When will they bring it round? If they are to bring it round, when? Will I have to waste the rest of the day in my flat waiting? I didn’t have to wait long, half an hour later the intercom buzzed. I just pushed the door release button and unlocked the door and waited behind it. There was a light tap on the door, as I opened it the guy who had washed my windscreen stood facing me. My throat dried and my heart started beating a little faster, he was still in the same yellow tee shirt but was now dry and looking a little worse the wear for his windscreen efforts. “Sorry sir” he said smiling and holding out my bag. “Er, don’t, don’t worry, thank you! Yes thank you for bringing it over for me” god that sounded so soppy I thought to myself as the words left my lips and gave another “thank you” just to make myself sound a proper twat! “It’s no problem, it’s my break and wanted to bring it round for you” My heart leapt into my mouth and my legs felt as if they were starting to shake. “Your break you say? Would you like to come in? For a coffee.” He said nothing; he just smiled and gave a little nod of his head. I moved clear of the door way and he came inside. I locked and bolted the door. “go through and make yourself at home, I will put the kettle on and join you” When I came into the room he was stood looking out of the window, it was now for the first time I managed to take a good look at him. I would say just under 6 foot tall with a muscular body, his shirt was quite loose covering his hips but could tell he had a slim waist, nice arse too. Short “tight” dark hair, slightly reseeding, deep brown eyes and lips that just demanded to be kissed. About mid twenty’s (half my age) and a smile that just beamed. “Thank you for bringing my stuff round, it was very kind, would you like to sit down and I will bring your coffee through, you look very a bit hot, would you like to take a shower before you go back to work?” gain he said nothing, just smiled again, so I took it as a yes. “Bathroom through there, towel hung up, your coffee will be waiting here for when you get back!” With this I went back into the kitchen, shaking with excitement, had I miss read the situation? I can’t have done, had he deliberately removed my bag, seen it had my home phone number and address and taken it as an excuse to come round? Could he have? My body seemed to have a mind of its own, I was like jelly except for my cock which was very defiantly not like jelly, trying to push out of my shorts, my hands were shaking and I struggled to carry his drink into the room without spilling it. As I got in the room, I had a naughty thought, I shouted out it him “would you like your coffee in there or in the bedroom for when you get dry?” That will force the issue, didn’t believe I had said it but there was no taking it back now. No answer “Costel, you okay in there?” I heard a foot thump to the floor from the shower cubical. “I am fine, why don’t you bring it in for me” OMG, I can’t believe this; this doesn’t happen to me, this happens to other lucky sods, not me. I took a deep breath tried to look composed and with my free hand opened the door. The shower was still running but that was furthest from my mind, Costel was looking back at me, drops of water slowly running down his dark skin. His body was every bit as sexy as I had imagined. He had tied a towel around his waist (bless) and the beaming smile had been replaced by a rather shy one. Without saying a word to each other, I walked past him and put the cup on top of the toilet then turned round towards him. He still had his back to me so I lightly ran my finger down his spine; he raised his head and flexed his shoulders. I moved directly behind him and placing my hands on his hips kissed his neck softly, his head moved forward exposing more of his neck for me to kiss. Instead I turned the shower off and picked his cloths up from the bathroom floor “come on, you can get dry and dressed in the bed room, don’t forget your coffee!”

I walk to the bedroom as composed as I could but when inside quickly scrambled to close the curtains and pick up my dressing gown I had just left on the bed from when I got dressed. Then quickly stood by my linen draws trying to look cool again. I could hear Costel moving slowly towards the bedroom door then sheepishly walk in. I got him another towel out of the draw “here you are! That one must be wet now” his head was lowered and he did not look at me “thank you” he said with a hint of nerves in his voice. I thought “he must want this to happen as he made the very brave move of coming round! Now he has gone all shy and I am making all the overtures!” bland chat to calm his nerves.

“You must love days like this doing your job? Make it all worthwhile?” “Yes it is nice” he replied. “and do you often do home visits afterwards?” his smile returned. I sat on the bed and patted it “come here, let me help you with your hair” Costel sat next to me, towel still round his waist and legs closed and slightly away from me. I took the other towel and draped it over his head and started to rub slowly. I leant over a bit so my shirt rubbed against his shoulder. He did not move away so I removed one hand from the towel and gently traced my index finger down his clean shaven chin, down his neck and then spread my hand out over his chest. I removed the towel from his head and cupped his chin in my hand again but this time used it to turn his head towards me. We looked at each other, those beautiful, beautiful deep eyes, our mouths moved closer and at last. Our lips touched, it was like a bolt of lightning through my body, our lips parted slightly and we began to explore each other with our tongues. I had parted my legs sub consciously and my prick was hardening and finding its way out of my shorts. I don’t know when it happened but by know we were in each other’s arms, our torso’s pressed against each other. I felt down to the towel still around his waist. I could feel his erection through it but could not work out how to open it. I broke our embrace but then leaned in and kissed him again, I stood up straight and took my top off, hardly able to take my eyes off him I lowered my shorts and stepped out of them. I stood square in front of him, he could have reached out and touched me but instead he just sat there with his hands at his side just looking into my eyes.