Written by Georges

11 Apr 2011

I was now on top and felt his hands pushing my legs apart. It gave me more excitement at that moment, feleing his fingers caressing my bum as I was now sucking his cock, swallowing it, letting it go out, taking it over again and again, holding it up firmly with a hand while strocking his balls with the other. I felt it grow in my mouth, assuming he would probalby shoot within a minute. Meanwhile he was now caresisng my bottom and finger-fucking me anally. I raised my bottom a little and felt he was now taking my cock fully in his mouth whereas his finger was deeper in my anus. Then I heard him whisper that we should change position as he said he was about to cum. A minute later he was seated on his ankles and I found myself dogstyle in front of him sucking his cock. He has a hand over my hair, groaning, whispering loudly, saying it was grand and asked me suddenly to move on. I knew he would cum and then indeed I got a long shot in my mouth. It was my first time and only one second to guess what I would do with it. Again, it was a challenge and I decided to swallow. I found the taste a bit salty, hus spunk was warm and creamy. So I swallowed it. Meanwhile he was groaning like a wild beast in a wood ! I kept holding his cock firmly and continued the licking, playing with my tongue over the head and shaft..

More soon.