1 Aug 2016

My wife and I moved house recently and we decided I would take some time off work to get the place sorted out and to get some built in cupboards made for the bedrooms. I had asked for recommendations at work and was told of a chap who did very good work for a good price.

I made contact with him and asked if he could come round to chat over what we wanted and to get an idea of the costs. He came round 3 days later, he was tall and slim, 30's and named Geoff. Ishowed him the bedroom and saw him immediately looking at a pair of my wifes panties which were beside the bed. I smiled inwardly as it had been me that had dropped them there when I had been wanking earlier. I asked if he wanted a cup of coffee whilst he measured up and he said he would. I left the bedroom and went downstairs, taking my time making the coffee.

When I returned to the bedroom I saw that the panties had been moved and I could see he had a hell of a bulge in his jeans. I asked if he wanted me to hold the tape to make it easier for him and he said ok. He asked if I could hold it down on the floor so he could get the height of the ceiling, I knelt in front of him and he stetched up to the ceiling, his bulge was right in front of my face and it looked huge! "Bloody hell" I said, "did her panties cause this"? I looked up at him, he was looking down at me, his face bright red.

"Don't be shy, I saw you had moved them" I said. He nodded his head and I said "It's ok, I know how good they smell and feel, why don't you show me what you were doing with them".

He went over and picked the panties up and sniffed them deeply, "Bring them here" I said," let me smell them" I was still knelt down, he held them to my nose and I inhaled the scent. "Mmmmm" I whispered " They smell amazing, my cock is as hard as yours". I slowly put my hand up, he did not move, I felt his big bulge gently. Next I undid his belt and the top of his jeans, you could have heard a pin drop, I'm sure we were both holding our breath. I eased his jeans down over his hips and I smiled as I found that he was wearing panties under them. "Who owns these"? I asked, "I took them from a client's laundry basket yesterday" he said. His cock was bulging obscenely in them, I rubbed my lips over the bulge, I could not wait any longer so I pulled the top of the panties down and took him straight into my mouth and began sucking him. Soon I had him stripped to the panties, I stripped off and put my wifes panties on and held him tightly grinding my cock against his. We collapsed onto the bed, rolling together, licking and sucking, it was sensational!

After a while I stopped and asked what he wanted next, he asked if he could dress in my wifes undies and stockings. I gave him a selection from her drawer and he dressed quickly. He asked if i had some lube and I said it's in the bedside cabinet, he asked me to lube my cock as he got on all fours on the bed. I did as he asked and came and stood behind him, he looked over his shoulder and said " Pull my panties down and fuck me". I pulled them down and put some lube on his hole, he groaned softly. I tried to ease my cock in but he was very tight, I increased the pressure and suddenly my knob was inside him, he groaned again. Slowly I began fucking him, getting more of my cock inside which each gentle stroke, soon he had taken my 8 inches and was begging me to fuck him harder. I was soon slamming my cock into him and he was loving it, I told him I would cum soon and he said I want to feel it inside me. His sluttish behaviour took me over the top and I

started spurting my cum inside him until I was drained.

Slowly I withdrew, my cum ran out of his hole and dripped into my wifes panties, he said to kneel down and he started wanking in front of my face, after only 30 seconds he blasted my face with his cum, what an amazing load he had!

We showered afterwards and dressed again, I asked how many visits he would need to make, he told me he was very local and would come round any time I wanted more fun.