Written by Cheating Hubby

27 Mar 2014

I knew something was wrong the moment I walked through the front door. The first words out of my wife’s mouth were “you fucking bastard” then she turned and walked to the bedroom and slammed the door. When I tried to open the door it was locked. I asked her what was wrong and she said “I saw the video on your computer of you being arse fucked by a black guy, you fucking puff”. Oh shit, did I forget to dump my computers history I thought.

I went to the study and saw that my laptop was open and playing on the screen was the video of Dave ravaging my ass while I sucked Tom. As I was trying to figure out what to do my mind went back to the day we made the video. I was starting to get hard and as my cock tingled I was unconsciously rubbing it through my shorts as Sue came into the room.

“OH My GOD, CAN’T YOU LEAVE YOUR PATHETIC COCK ALONE EVEN WHEN YOU HAVE BEEN CAUGHT? So you sissy cunt what do you have to say for yourself, well I am waiting”. I was dumb struck and sat there not knowing what to say. But Sue knew what to say.

“You’re a fucking faggot and not only that you’re a faggot for black men. So do you like big black dicks or will just any dick work faggot? Well, I am waiting.” Please deer I just, “stop. No excuse is going to work. There is a video of you giving a blowjob to a black guy while another black guy is fucking your arsehole and you look like your enjoying every moment of it you FUCKING FAGGOT!” I am sorry, please; I will do whatever you want love.

“Don’t fucking love me! And yes you will do whatever I want or your queer video will be on facebook for all your friends and family to see. And maybe I will post it anyway. Do you understand me FAGGOT?” Yes deer whatever you want.

She turned and left the room. I sat there still looking at the video and couldn’t resist turning it on, resetting it to the beginning and watching it over. As I was watching the video Sue came back in the room and said. “Are you so obsessed with giving blowjobs and getting arse fucked you can’t even turn it off while you are being chastised about it?” “Well do you like giving black men blowjobs and being arse fucked? How many times have you done it? How long have you been letting black men fuck your sorry arse? Or is it just any dick you can get shoved up your arse”

I hung my head as I answered her. Yes I like it and, “Yes it’s was pretty evident from your moaning and screaming as he drove that monster black dick in your arse that you liked it. Well go on queer boy tell me more”. I have only done it twice, “twice my arse, it’s fucking clear to me that you have been doing this for quite a while, the fucking video is dated early last year and no one who acts like you do in the video is new at giving blowjobs and getting arse fucked. Go ahead and keep lying to me and let’s see how well that works for you when I get your video posted on line!”

Ok, I am sorry, I have been having gay sex for a couple of years and “stop, you mean I have been letting you fuck my pussy the last couple of years and all the time you have been getting fucked yourself”? Yes, I meekly answered. “You fucking sorry bastard, now tell me why”!

It all started two years ago while you were on a business trip. It started innocently enough. “Innocent, fuck there is nothing innocent about you having sex with men, go on.” I was at our local pub having a few drinks when I got up to go pee and Tom, “who’s Tom?” the guy I am sucking in the video I said. I had seen him and talked to him a few times over the last few years…. “Go on let’s here the rest”. Tom was in the gents and he was in front of one of the urinals but standing back a foot or so. As I went up to the urinal beside him I looked over at his cock and when I did he saw me staring at it. He has the biggest cock I have ever seen!

You want some of this he asked, Go ahead reach over here and touch it. And for some unknown reason I did. I wrapped my hand around it and was amazed at how soft and warm it felt and the size oh my god it’s big. It was so big it dwarfed my hand. It truly is an amazing cock. It is 10” long with a 1 ¾” diameter, well defined pulsing veins, uncut with a wonderful tight foreskin coming to a nipple like point that covers a tremendous sculpted head and he has big low hanging balls. I dream about having a cock that size. “Well you don’t, your pathetic little dick is all but useless, and hell my clit is almost as big as your dick. And to think for years I have turned down being fucked by men with real dicks just to be faithful to your sorry queer arse, but don’t worry I won’t anymore!” “Now go on tell me the rest.”

m said eep a hold of my cock while I finish pissing. So I did, I kept his dick in my hand, it was like I was in a trance. I could feel the urine pulsing through his cock as I held it. When he finished peeing he said shake it for me so I shook it. Get down on your knees and kiss it he commanded so I did. Then he said put it in your mouth. I had never done that before and so I surprised myself when I dropped to my knees and quickly wrapped my lips around the head of it. He pushed his foreskin back, I moaned as his slick head covered in pre-cum gave me a taste that was wonderful.

What’s your name he asked and I stopped long enough to tell him Bill and then went back to sucking his cock like it was the natural thing to do. He said you like cock don’t you Bill? I replied that I don’t know, I am not queer, and I have never done anything like this before. Well it’s pretty evident that you’re a cock whore. Who else but a cock whore holds a man’s dick for them while there peeing? Huh who, a cock whore that’s who? I listened to him with his cock in my mouth the whole time. Tom was smiling at me and said you are doing real good Bill. When I heard the outer restroom door open I realized that I still had my hand and lips wrapped around Tom's cock. I let go, got off my knees and stepped back from him just as the inner door opened. So there I was me a mere foot away from Tom's cock as the guy walked in.

As he walked in Tom said, hey Dave how’s it hanging? Tom replied not bad but it would be better if I had a bitch to fuck! Tom looked at me and said well I don’t know about fucking but this little nancy boy will be more than happy to help you take a leak wont you boy. I tried to leave the gents but Tom grabbed my arm and said “what’s the matter? You know you want to.” By this time Dave had his dick out and I didn’t think I just took my hand and grabbed hold. I held on while he pissed and then shook it for him without being told to. Now kiss his cock for him Bill and tell him thank you. So I bent over and kissed it and told him thank you. As he was zipping up I left the gentsm and sat back at the bar. I quickly downed my pint and ordered another.

After the barmaid brought me my drink Tom walked up to me and said, hey Bill why don’t you come over and join Dave and I? I was going to decline but the look he gave me made me accept. I think I was afraid if I said no he would tell everyone what had transpired in the gents.

When I got to the table and sat down they were talking about the Manchester United and I joined in the conversation. Tom ordered a round of vodka shots, and then Dave ordered a round and when it became my turn I couldn’t refuse so we had a third round of shots. I was pretty drunk by then and had all but forgotten about the gents incident. Tom suggested we go to his place and play some poker so we did.

When we got to Tom's apartment we played a few rounds of poker. I won and as we were starting the 4th game Tom said let’s make this a little more interesting and he stripped. I was staring at his cock, my mouth was open and he said come over here bitch and I did. Now take hold like you did in the gents. Once I had his dick in my hand I started running my hand up and down his flaccid shaft like it was the natural thing to do. Tom’s cock started growing in length and girth as I stroked him.

Well look at that Dave said, the little bitch likes your cock! He’s wanking it on his own without any encouragement from you. I started to stop but Tom told me to keep it up. So I did and after a minute or so he leaned in next to my ear and said get on your knees boy. I stood there until he pushed on my shoulder and I dropped to my knees. Now that I was eyeball to Tom’s dick I immediately took it in my mouth without thinking and was soon savoring his taste.

I tried to remember what you used to do when you gave me blow jobs in the past and just mimicked that. Tom said to Dave well if he hasn’t ever sucked a cock before he is a natural. By the time I had sucked both their cocks I wanted more. I discovered that I love sucking cock and the taste of Cum. So in the course of the evening I sucked both their cocks twice and then at Tom's insistence I jacked off as they watched, all the while they were making comments about my little dick and me being a cock whore.