Written by danny31

26 Nov 2014

I have crossdressed since I was a teen, but as im married I dont get to as often as I like. I work for a shop fitting company there are just 3 of us and we quite often have to work away from home .A few months back we had a job in Blackburn that was running over and we had to get a couple of agency chippys in to speed it along , this meant that we had to share rooms .The problem with that is that I knew I wouldnt be able to indulge in my passion for sexy lingerie, I normally take my stuff with me when I work away and sleep in it as im on my own,

we took 2 lads with us carl and mat I had to share with carl hes 26 a bit of a rogue , still lives at home with his parents but always on about lasses hes met or had at weekends he has worked with us a few times before , anyway after work we go back to the prem in get freshened up and go get some food and normally stay in the bar till closing, all week alll I could think about

Was dressing the more I thought about it the more frustrated I got, on the thursday the lads thought as we were only doing a half day on the friday they would go into the town have a late 1, well I knew this was my chance so I made out I wasnt feeling to great and said I might just go back to the room and get some sleep.when they left in the taxi I went to get my other bag from the boot its got some of the panties ive bought for myself in it. I had another shower, dried off and slipped into a my white satin cammy , pull up stockings and white see thru g string I lay on top of the bed pulled my cock out of the panties and pulled my cock till I had to lift my cammy up and cum over my belly then I just lay there and let it dry,

But I fell asleep the next thing I knew I heard laughing carl was stood next to my bed with his phone I was stunned my stomach was churning what would he tell the others I would have to leave my job and my wife might find out I was just in shock I couldn't move , he showed me the photo he had taken he was still grinning , he looked a bit drunk , he said if you suck my cock I will delete it. Then as I still just lay there.he took off his jeans and climbed over me and kneeled on the bed and pushed the bulge in his white boxers into my face, I was now getting very turned on I have never sucked a cock before and im 41 .he grabbed my hair and pulled up my head go on suck it he said then he pulled his shorts down a bit so his hard cock was on parade I knew I had to do as he said so I put my head forward as far as I could and put my lips around the top of his cock thenbhe began to thrust back and forward into my face I felt like a right slut his cock felt wonderful , he kept fucking my face until he was about to come then he came out of my mouth and with one hand pulled on his shaft and spurt cum all over my face, he got off the bed I still lay there starring at him , he picked up his phone and showed me it as he deleted the photo then he came over to me and lent forward and kissed my lips and just said thanks he turned around walked towards the door and turned off the light and went to bed .I lay awake most of the night at what had hapoened and what might happen next.next day nothing was said and I havnt seen carl since but I wank about it all the time .