Written by Antony

17 Jan 2012

I knew it could happen,I started to visit a dogging site just to watch,I don,t know if anybody else does things like that,I don't know if I'm gay or straight,I'm 19 and I've only had sex once with a girl and it was a bit of a disaster,I came off the second I was inside her and she wanted to keep going but my erection went soft and I was so embarrassed I've not seen her again and I don't think I'm going to have sex with a girl again.

I know I'm a shy person and find it hard to talk to people but I do need to have sex,Im not sure what to do now,I use porn sites to masturbate but earlier this year after I passed my driving test I started to go to a dogging site every so often and it was there it happened.

On a couple of times before I'd gone in the woods behind where people park up just to see if anybody was having sex,the first time I saw a man and a woman having sex,she was bent over and he was having sex with her from behind,they did'nt have any clothes on and I watched everything they were doing to each other,I masturbated while I was watching them but stopped short of ejaculating,I don't know why I am like this and I know its not a nice thing to do,I even watched them getting dressed after they had finished having sex and I even masturbated while they were doing that.

That was the first time I saw two men having sex with each other,I suppose I was creeping around in there and I nearly got caught,at first I did'nt realise it was two men,I thought it was another man and a woman,and even though they had also taken off all their clothes at first I did'nt see that they both had cocks and then I could see that they were "wanking" each other.

To be honest at first I thought it was a bit disgusting but then as I watched a bit more I started to become sexually aroused myself and then I took my own cock out and started masturbating while I was watcing them.They went from "wanking" each other to sucking on each others cocks and that started to really get me going and I was wondering what it felt like, I kept watching them and then for the first time saw one man have anal sex with another man,I'd seen it on a porn site but never in real life.

The next couple of times I went there I did'nt see any women having sex but a lot of men having sex with each other and I was masturbating and ejaculating while I was watching them.It was on the fourth time that it happened I was watching two men who were naked having sex,I had taken my own clothes off and was wearing just my briefs,I had taken my cock and my balls out of the leg,I like to wear my briefs when I'm masturbating,I don't know why I'm like that,I was watching them and I was masturbating.

At first I thought it was something fell from the tree when I felt something on my shoulder and nearly died when I turned around and there was a man standing just behind me,he was a fairly big chap,I'm not sure of what happened next,I know I tried to get my clothes but he put his foot on them and then another chap joined him,he picked up my clothes and chucked them into some bushes.

The big chap was already holding me from behind and had put his arm around me and taken hold of my cock,I tried to get away but he was far too strong.Then the other chap joined in and he took hold of my briefs and was pulling them off me,he was really rough.I know I started to plead with them not to hurt me and to please let me go but the big chap was already masturbating me.

They were laughing and going on about how they had been watching me for some time and how I was a filthy peeping tom and that if I wanted sex they would give me sex.The smaller chap was already out of most of his clothes and then he was naked,he already had an erection,then they started going on about how I was a bitch and bitches got "fucked",I knew what they meant and I was asking them not to,he was still masturbating me and against all the odds I was half enjoying it.

He let me go and even if I wanted to I knew I could'nt leave without my clothes,I asked them to give them to me but they just laughed,the big chap had also taken all his clothes off,his erection looked massive,suck this you bitch he said holding his cock towards me,you heard him the smaller one said,suck his cock,I knew I had no choice,I got down on my knees,suck it you bitch he said pushing it onto my face.

I'd never before touched another mans cock but I took it in my hand and put my mouth around the head,he grabbed my head and pushed it in,suck you bitch he said again,I started sucking his cock.