Written by MidlandsDave

3 Apr 2010

This is a completely true account of an experience with an older man although some will find it quite tame compared to some.

I was 18 years old and on my way home from the City after an evening drinking with friends. It was approaching 1am. I had got off the night service bus and was walking the last mile or so home. I had had a few to drink but I was not drunk. I was passing the local park that had a public toilet with a path from the road. It looked closed but I needed a pee so went up the path toward the door. It was open but very dark inside. I knew that this toilet had a bit of a reputation but I was in need of a pee. I realise now that there must have been some underlying curiosity for the visit because I could have pee'd in the park without being seen, I could have pee'd in the road as there was no traffic about at that time.

I walked inside the buidling. It was one of those with a ladies on one side and a gents on the other, a sort of semi-detached cottage style building - I suppose that's where they got the name. It smelt like most public toilets and the floor was wet in places. Not a very savoury place on reflection.

As I moved inside the toilets, I saw there was one cubicle with its door open and it was empty. There were five urinals (positions). It was very dark with just some faint gloomy light filtering in from the upper window near the roof. The far end of the toilet was in complete darkness, or so I thought.

I went to position two and extracted my cock from my tight jeans and began to pee. As I was finishing I caught some movement to my right and it made me jump. I saw an elderley man, aged about 55-60 who was at the far position. I saw that he was about 5ft 5 tall, a bit overweight, short grey hair and some sort of old suit or jacket and trousers. The most obvious thing was that he was standing back from the position facing slightly toward me and his cock was erect. He was slowly stroking it and then holding the base and slowly moving his cock from side to side and up and down. This was fairly open and my heart began to beat a lot faster. Excitement? Fear? Shock? who knows but I glanced away quickly, feeling quite embarased about the situation. The guy made another movement and I turned my head slightly so that I could see him in my peripheral vision. He had moved further back and had turned completely to face me displaying his hard cock to me and intending that I should look at him. I was shocked - my stomach was all butterflies and what was more shocking to me was that my own cock was getting harder by the second. This was all wrong! I had never thought about cock, apart from the natural curiosity between young men over size etc..but here I was getting a hard on as an older man displayed his cock to me. I tried so hard not to look but I couldn't stop myself. I turned to look at him and he motioned down to his cock where I saw hw was slowly wanking it and he then started nodding toward my cock. I realised he wanted to see mine. I have a seven inch uncut cock, quite thick and at that time it was rock hard due to the horny but strange situation. I moved back so he could see the side of my cock. He nodded and waked himslf faster. This encouragement made me move back a little more and turn slighty so he could see more of my cock. I was proud of it and his encouragement made me less nervous. He nodded and I could tell he approved. We stood like this for what seemed like ages but was probably less than one minute. Then he started to move toward me. I turned back to the urtinal not knowing what was about to happen but I didn't feel threatened, just a bit nervous and very horny.

He stod next to me and slightly behind me. The anticipation was electric. Then I felt something brush my leg. I made no move to stop him so he reached forward and took my cock in his hand and began to pull my foreskin back and forth over my cock head. It felt amazing. This was not my first sexual experience at all but it was the first with an adult male and the first with a complete stranger.

I was aware of his hard cock nudging up against my thigh as he slowly wanked and fondled my cock and balls. He was so gentle and hsi touch gave me a great deal of pleasure. Then he took my hand and placed it onto his cock.

This was an great feeling. His cock was about 5 inches long but had a slightly upward turn. It felt hard and very hot but also silky to the touch. I loved the feel of it and began to slowly feel and explore his cock. He began to move his cock up against me and rub, then after a little while he leant forward and took my cock into his hot mouth. This was a wonderful feeling and the sensations were the best I had ever felt. Perhaps it was a combination of the situation, the drink and the opportunist factor all mixed together but I don't remember ever having felt quite so sexually excited. Looking down to see a mature man sucking and licking my hard cock was a real turn on.

I was beginning to think about what it would be like to taste his cock but then I heard someone walking toward the toilets so we quickly parted, moving back to our original places.

Another guy came in and stood next to me. He was a big guy, aged around 45 so much older than me and it was quite obvious that he was there for cock fun as he took out a semi erect cock and made it obvious he wanted some fun. He left it unattended and rapidly getting hard as he blatantly looked over the china partition at my cock. My cock was still rock hard. The first man moved to stand the other side of me and and before I knew it, one of them was rubbing my arse whilst the other was feeling for my cock. I felt trapped and lost my nerve, hastily pushing my erection back into my jeans. I stumbled out into the park. I had to quickly find a secluded bush where I wanked myself off as I felt so horny over what had just happened to me. I came very quickly and was still shaking with excitement.

I felt guilty for weeks afterwards but I went back to those toilets several times until they were eventually demolished.