Written by Alex.

13 Jul 2010

I'm in my 20s now, I must admit I was dominated by my mother,I never knew my dad. I got very little privacy,sex was never mentioned,I did'nt have any mates,I think they were scared of my mother as well.Of course I masturbated,I had to,to stop myself having wet dreams,my mother went balistic once when I came off in my underpants while asleep.

The worst was when we would go to our caravan for a long summer break at a little known seaside place,she was involved with the a church lot there,I had to go along,I hated it.I took to going to an isolated bit of sandy area with where there was a lot of big rocks,at first I would just masturbate,sometimes 2 or 3 times depending on how long I was out.

I got to stripping off and wandering about naked as I masturbated,I knew nobody ever went there,how wrong could I get.I,d brought myself off and lay on the sand behind a rock,still naked,I must have dozed off.When I woke up I had an erection and just lay there playing with it,I was in a world of my own,which suddenly came tumbling down.

I did'nt see him at first,just heard him,I wish I could come off as often as you as voice from behind me said.It's impossible to describe what went through my brain,I stopped playing with my cock and just lay there holding it,I wanted my clothes but had no idea where they were,I knew they were'nt far away,I was paralysed.

He came around the rock and stood looking at me,up and down up and down,I recognised him from the church,he was even a friend of my mothers.He was wearing just a pair of shorts,he put his hand to the front of them and I immediately realised he was holding his cock through them,I knew he had an erection.

I've been watching you for a week or two he said,you really do give that a beating,he was looking at my erect cock still in my hand,you've left some spunk on this sand,mind you I've left a bit of my own watching you.He was laughing,it could be worse he said,it could have been your mother who came walking by,nothing could have been worse just then.

He undid the tie on his shorts and pushed them down,no underpants,he was naked.His cock was standing straight up almost to his bellybutton,the purple head completely exposed,I knew I was staring at it but could'nt stop myself.He stood with his legs apart above me and started to masturbate,yes he said I've enjoyed watching you,you're a dirty little bugger,prancing around naked like that wanking yourself off in public and then like butter would'nt melt in your mouth when mummys with you.

But its our little secret,he said,I won't tell anybody if you don't.My cock started to go down,now we can't have that he said,looking at it fade in my hand,by the way he said,your clothes aren't where you left them,you should be more careful.He knelt on the sand beside me,I was terrified,his cock was so close to me I could smell it.

He touched my lips with his finger,licking his lips as he did so.He moved his fingers onto my chest and rubbed my nipples until they became erect,then down to my bellybutton.His fingers moved over my pubic hair,which because of its blondness is hardly visible,he kept looking from where he was touching me to my face and smiling.

He was'nt young,he was probably in his 60s,I felt completely powerless to stop him,he lifted my fingers off my cock,again I did'nt stop him,I've dreamt about this he was saying,ever since the first time I saw you playing with it.There is no way of describing the mixture of emotions I felt when his fingers first touched my cock,it was pure pleasure mixed with confusion.

He moved his fingers to my balls,it had an instant reaction,I felt my cock start to rise,he just played with my balls and watched it,I'm glad I let you wank yourself off,I know how quickly you come on your first one,I can't come that quickly nowadays,I could feel my cock throbbing,jumping a little with each throb.

He was masturbating himself with his left hand,the fingers of his right hand closed around mine,you're a hot little bugger he said,I knew you would be,don't worry about your clothes,I'll let you have them back when we're finished would'nt want you going back to your mum naked.

He leaned forward and put his head down between my legs and licked the head of my cock,I did'nt want to but I liked it,I could'nt stop my body reacting,my hips rising off the sand,pushing my cock to his mouth.Even though I'd denied it to myself,there were occasions when I masturbated that I fantasised about my cock being sucked,I'd never thought about a man doing it.

But now it did'nt matter,I wanted him to suck it.It was everything I'd hoped it would be,the only part of my body I was aware of was my cock.He had it deep in his mouth,my hips were responding pushing it in as far as I could.For some inexplicable reason I reached for his cock,pushing his hand off it,he shifted his position to give me better access to it.It was bigger than mine,I could tell the way my fingers fitted around it,I was masturbating anothers mans cock.

He put a hand under my backside and lifted me upwards,his wrist pressing against my balls,I could feel his teeth on my cock,it added to the pleasure,I masturbated him as fast as our position would allow.As if I'd done it many times before I recognised the signs he was about to come off,the sudden increase in throbbing,the increase in swelling,I felt the first of his spunk come through his shaft,just as I always felt my own.

I felt the heat of it as it pumped onto my belly and chest,then from the deepest part of my being my own spunk was erupting from my cock,I could feel it fill his mouth,I had never shouted before when coming off and at first did'nt realise it was me.I felt his cock going limp in my hand,he was still sucking on mine.

When we came to a stop the only spunk was his,there was'nt a drop of mine.He brought his head up and kissed me on the lips,I'll get your clothes he said,I watched him put his shorts on,even limp his had a long lovely cock,he brought my clothes.He watched me dress,I,ve seen you do that a few times he said and as usual I've come off by then,remember our secret he said,I'd better go my wife will wonder where I've got to.