Written by Alex.

13 Jul 2010

Even though I had enjoyed the experience,for me it was a one off.I did'nt have any guilt feelings about what had happened,I tried to rmember as much of the detail as I could and the thoughts definitely turned me on,it was my first sexual activity with another person.

I was'nt really looking forward to going to the church on the sunday,but did'nt have much choice.Things got worse,after the service my mother was talking to a woman,they were on about church things.He suddenly joined us and just said good morning,I had'nt realised that the woman was his wife,my stomach turned over.

His wife was on about the local wild life things he did,he did talks at the church hall about it,with photo slides and things like that,did all his own photography,spent hours out on the rocks and headlands,knew all about it.He was doing one on the thursday,my mum agreed we would attend.

Then a bombshell,she said perhaps your Alex would like to join him and learn more about the local area.I saw a slight smile on his face.My mother was all for it,it would do him good she said to have someone to show him the ropes,another mans influence and all that.My opinion was'nt asked,it was arranged that he would call for me the following morning.

Make sure you wash yourself properly she said as I went in the tiny shower,I've put clean underwear on your bed.For me my underwear was embarrassing,she had bought them for me when I was about 12,a dozen pairs and I was still getting through them.I don't think she'd realised I'd grown and they barely fitted me anymore,I just could'nt have that kind of conversation with her.

He called bright and early in the morning,I was wearing my jeans,I did actually have an erection when I woke up,I would have liked to masturbate but no chance.Not a good idea he said,if jeans get wet they take ages to dry,shorts are best,he was wearing his.I started to say I did'nt have any shorts when she took over,lucky I brought some with us she said,no I thought,not them.

Within seconds she had a pair of tennis type shorts,I had'nt worn them for years,go and put these on she said,he's right about jeans.To say they were skimpy would be an understatement,but what could I do,they're nice he said smiling,you'll get them legs suntanned,I've got some drinks and food in my rucksack,we'll drive to where we're going,have a lovely time my mother said and behave yourself,like I was a 5 year old.

Once we got in the car he started laughing as we drove off.It was a back road,we had'nt gone half a mile when he pulled up undid his shorts and took them off,he had underpants on,he pushed the waistband under his balls,reached for my hand and put it on his cock,you know you want to he said,not as fast as the last time,just nice and slow,get me as hard as you can,I like your shorts he said and you know I like whats inside them.

Thats good he said as his cock grew into my hand,I must admit I was liking doing it to him,feeling it get harder and harder,my balls he said,play with my balls,they were much looser than mine and bigger,thats good he said thats good,you've got lovely hands.My own cock was fully erect and uncomfortable in my tight underpants and tighter shorts.

He pulled onto a dirt track and then onto an isolated beach,lets stay in the car for a while,he opened the doors and lowered my seat back,my turn he said.He lifted my teeshirt over my head and rubbed my nipples,like little cocks he said the way they stand up,he sucked each of them in turn.He undid the button on the top of my shorts,come out I want to play with you he was saying,he opened the zip,off with these little things he said much as I like them.

Wow,he said as he pushed them down exposing my cock standing out of my tiny underpants,they don't give much cover,might as well take them off,I lifted my self up to help him.I've been thinking about sucking on this every moment since the last time,I've thought about drinking more of your creamy juice,I want as much as I can get of it,its so young and so sweet.

Hold it for a moment while I get these things off,let me see you wanking it,I obliged,he stripped naked.Have you ever sucked a cock he asked,then answered his own question,I suppose not,will you suck mine for me,even before I said anything he said good lad.

Lets find somewhere to lie down he said,we got out of the car.This wiil do he said,as we found a bit of grass,lie down for me,I did,he took my legs and spread them apart.He put a knee at either side of my head,I could see his balls swinging above me,he lowered himself down,his balls movung down my face.

I could his hot mouth go around my cock and start to do long slow sucks,his lips going right down to my balls.I reached for his cock and pulled it downwards,my first taste of cock,I liked it,I started to suck hard on it,I liked it even more.I wished I had masturbated,he was sucking me off,I could'nt stop myself,I could feel him swallow my spunk as it once again filled his mouth,he kept sucking me until I was completely empty.

I tried to suck his off but it would'nt come,he lifted himself up and said lets have a break and a chat,that was so tasty,I want more later,you will let me have more later won't you.

We sat naked for the next half hour or so,just having a little play with each others cocks,then he introduced me to the kind of sexual pleasure that I had'nt even imagined.