Written by will

9 Sep 2013

I'd not been to the local swimming pool for some six months for my twice weekly exercise, just been busy and got out of the habit, so decided it was time I made the effort. I got here early for the adults only session and was pleased to see from the entrance foyer that there were few swimmers in the pool, saves bumping into people when swimming backstroke!

I paid and quickly and made my way to the changing room, it's open plan with a bank of clothes lockers down one wall with a bench in front, then some curtained cubicles at one end, I'm always amused by a minority of prudes who use them, me, I have no problem with getting undressed in the open area and walking around nude. It's always interesting to see other guys nude and I'm relaxed about them seeing me, I'm no Adonis with a giant package, just average! Whilst changing and getting into my swimming briefs I noticed that there was only one other locker in use. A quick shower in the 'U' shaped communal shower area then into the pool.

There was the one guy swimming in the lane on one side of the pool and three women swimming in the middle lanes, two of them swimming alongside each other, heads held high out of the water, chatting, I chose the clear far side of the pool. I struggled to get to my target of 600 metres, I was out of practice so took frequent breathers and during my last breather I noticed the other guy get out of the pool and head for the changing room. I completed my last two lengths and hauled myself out of the pool feeling reasonably pleased that I'd made my target, modest as it was!

Passing the shower area I could see that the other guy was naked and with his back to me, washing his hair, he looked in pretty good shape with a taught body and a little shorter than myself at about 6 ft. I walked over to my locker, got out of my tight briefs, my cock had shrunk to practically nothing in the tight confines so I gave it a shake and a quick stroke, so that it returned to its normal flaccid size, picked up my sponge and shower gel and walked into the shower area. He was using one of the streams on the left, I chose the one at the end, which was at right-angles to his, and activated the stream of water. Now, aware of my presence, he turned towards me and smiled from underneath the stream of soap and water, I smiled back and said "wow this is supposed to do you good?" He replied "supposed to" taking the chance to look me up and down as I could him. He had well defined pectorals, slim stomach with a generous amount of dark pubic hair sitting above a nice average sized uncut cock that looked incredibly smooth and streamlined, that in turn hung down over a large set of balls that dangled loosely, no doubt due to the effect of the hot water, a good looking package I thought! I hope he liked what he saw of me: slim but not as well defined and a stomach that really needed the swimming exercise, trimmed, but still fairly natural looking, dark pubes, an average sized veined and cut cock, probably about 4 inches at that point, sitting above a shaved pair of balls that were still tight up under my cock pushing it up.

He smiled again, was that a knowing smile I detected? He took his shower gel and squeezed a large amount onto his hand and, more or less casually, proceeded to massage it into his cock and balls whilst looking me straight in the eye, was he trying to tell me something or just washing himself I thought? I returned the smile, half turned, retreating under my shower stream and grabbed my shower gel too, stepped slightly forward squeezing a good amount into my left hand that I then massaged across my chest, down my stomach and into my pubes all the while keeping direct eye contact. I continued on down taking my cock in my hand and stroking it, at the same time cupping my loosening balls in my right hand. That was knowing smile on his face now, but his gaze was on my pubic area as I was focusing on his, his cock had enlarged and he has sliding back his foreskin to reveal a glistening head under his soapy hand, then with an underhand grip forcing the shaft downwards, he stroked slowly and provocatively down its full length before strolling back up to reveal that head again. With this sight before me I was now fully erect, my thick shaft standing proud and curving slightly upwards, my knob head bulging out as I stroked. Whilst saying very little, just a few grunts in fact, we were both grinning broadly knowing we were turning each other on. He stepped clear of his shower stream towards me, took his right hand from his dick and gestured towards mine, saying "may I?, I nodded, invitingly taking my hand away from my dick, but just at that point the spell was broken because we both heard the door to the changing room open and footsteps approach, we both quickly retreated to our shower streams and faced the wall, the staff member passed behind us and into his changing room next to the showers. After a few moments we stole a glance at each other and grinned, both erections had subsided with my cock was only slightly larger than its normal flaccid size, his looked that way too!

He walked away from the showers and around the corner to the changing area, I followed admiring the rivulets of water that ran over his tight buns, both grabbed towels from our lockers that were next to each other and wiped our streaming faces, he turned to face me and said "oh, my name is Mike" and I replied, "I'm Will" holding my hand out grasping his firm handshake, both probably wanting to grasp each other members too that were just dangling there! We both dried ourselves with large towels giving each other good views of our equipment bouncing around as we towelled vigorously, in contrast to the more usual coy covering up most guys practice, both paying particular attention to ensure that the said equipment was thoroughly dry causing a certain mild swelling again! Dropping discarded towels on the bench we stood and faced each other, I could not keep my eyes off that smooth cock of his, I said that I lived a short distance away, there would be no one at home so would he like to come back with me. He hesitated momentarily then with a broad smile replied "why not". We dressed quickly and I led the way out of the changing room, from the opposite side of the foyer the two chatting women also emerged, still chatting, one smiled broadly at me and I thought 'this really is my lucky day' but quickly realised that she was beaming at Mike behind me, he said something to her about it being a nice day for a walk as they exited in front of us and made for a parked car, we walked off briskly down the road.

As I turned the key in the front door I asked if he would like to continue as we left off, in the shower, he responded "at the risk of getting wrinkled skin that sounds pretty good to me" and so I led the way to the shower. Our clothes flowed from us like the water I had admired running over his buns and we stood again facing each other naked, this time though we could be uninhibited, not being in a semi public place! I stepped into the shower cubicle and turned on the water and waited for it to run hot then motioned for him to join me, he stepped in, the smallness of the cubicle causing his smooth semi hard cock to brush against my thigh which sent an electric shock through my whole body. So we stood in the cramped space with the water streaming down between us, I was certainly tingling all over, I handed him the shower gel of which he applied a large amount to his left hand and looked at me questioningly, I said "be my guest" at which he finally encircled my semi erect shaft with his lubricated hand and slowly started to stroke back and forth, at the same time cupping my now loose and smooth balls in his right. With very few of those delicious strokes I was soon at full stand, he remarked at how much my knob end was bulging out from the thick shaft, I must admit that I'd never seen it quite so large or as red as it was now from his ministrations, he was paying particular attention to that sensitive area under the head and I had to suggest that he slowed down as I was getting close to cumming from this fantastic stimulation. He moved his hand away from the head and circled the base of my shaft with his thumb and forefinger and stoked gently half way up and down my length, that felt pretty good too as my rising orgasm subsided.

By now, of course, his cock was fully erect and bobbing there alongside his hands which were working their magic on me. Without a word his eyes indicated that he needed some attention too. I now had a chance to admire his amazingly smooth shaft, not a vein in sight, thicker at the base tapering gently towards that long streamlined head that was just emerging from the thick foreskin. Sitting alongside mine it appeared to be slightly longer, about the same thickness at the base but because of the taper slimmer at the head. With a generous amount of gel I finally fully encircled that smooth shaft in my left hand, whilst reaching under his hands that were on me, to tantalise his balls with my right, he moaned at this. The effect of the soap making the hair on his balls less obvious, they felt large and full! With my left hand I gently eased back his foreskin which slipped nicely into place behind the head, it was fascinating to experience a foreskin, being cut myself. I brought my right hand around too, and creating a ring with thumb and forefinger, milked his shaft from base to tip, one hand after the other, the Jelq technique, though being careful not to squeeze too hard as he was fully engorged. He seemed to be enjoying this as both his hands stopped the actions on me as he concentrated on his own pleasure. His cock was arching upwards nicely from this action as he let out a great sigh of, "this is so good".

Next his hand slid around and grasped by buns drawing us close together so that his rampant cock was pressed against my stomach with my cock caught pointing downwards against his thigh, it felt good, I squeezed some gel down between us to act as lubricant, reached down and brought my cock up so that it was alongside his between our pressed together bodies, I grasped his buns too then we each moved our hips from side to side in opposite directions so that our cocks bounced over each other, we were building up quite a rhythm, wow, what a sensation!

After a minute or two of these sensations we both sensed that we were getting close to the edge, released our grips and moved apart, I suggested that we should both now watch each other wank ourselves to orgasm, trying to cum at the same time, Mike nodded in agreement. So we both faced each other, legs braced apart, and took each of our rigid shafts in hand, mine cupped in a underhand grip, thumb forming a ring just behind the head, with my left, Mike a similar but open grip with his right. So we started to stroke at our favoured paces, both fairly similar, being only inches apart with each upward stroke we often touched each other, which added to the effect. I was fascinated to see his foreskin slipping and sliding over that long smooth head of his. I was the first to say that I was getting close and changed my grip so that I was just stroking the sides of my cock between thumb and forefinger, staying away from stimulating the head. He had slowed his stroking and was rolling the palm of his hand around the underside of the knob, eyes half closed concentrating totally on the sensations taking place at the end of his knob, it was great to observe! It was not too long before he uttered a breathless 'I'm nearly there" at which point I returned to my normal grip and picked up the pace, we were both now jerking vigorously, fists bouncing lightly against each other. I was, in fact, the first to shoot letting out a great "ah" as gouts of cum started spattering against his lower body, the second a bulls eye on his navel, and just as I was getting the last few ejaculations he erupted with his first, which, as his knob was pointing upwards, hit me on the shoulder, the rest spattered across my chest and down to my pubes. My knees nearly buckled at the exquisite sensations coursing through my body, Mike’s arms seemed to instinctively reach around me and draw us close together, for mutual support, I returned the gesture as our cum mingled together and was carried away by the water that was still running!

After what seemed like an age, probably only in fact a minute or two, we recovered and sponged ourselves down, particularly those deflated cocks, and stepped out of the cubicle and towelled ourselves yet again. As we dressed Mike, with a wry smile, asked if I realised the woman he spoke to at the swimming pool was his wife, she knew of his bi side and had been encouraging him to have fun, he'd gestured to her that he was going with me and that she should make her way home. I was suitably amazed. He also went on to say that he thought she was close to the woman she had been chatting to and that they may have "got together" although he was not sure. He went on to explain that one condition his wife had laid down was that she got to observe what he got up with his male friends and how did I feel about that. My cock gave a twitch inside its new confines at this and said I was relaxed about that. He said he would talk it over with her, see how she felt, and give me a call. So he took his leave with “till the next time”!

So, as you might image, over the next few days I had frequent hardons remembering what had gone on in the showers and at what might be in store, I even enjoyed a stimulating wank or two in anticipation, we all know how stimulating anticipation can be!