Written by rod

12 Feb 2013

I'm a mature male 51, bi curious I suppose after having been seduced by a older guy years ago whilst I was still at school (read my true story shown as seduced by older guy on this site I was 19 and worked in a DIY store). Having now grown up, married .then divorced, children all grown up too I was left home just getting bored..Then one day I went into what was then the AoL chat rooms, I don't know why but I was more intrigued going into the gay rooms to chat. One thing led to another whereby I did cyber sex in the room to other guys, then sometimes we would exchange phone numbers and have phone sex. However one day a guy asked where I lived, I told him the area and he was only about 15 minutes drive from me and asked me to go to his place..I was nervous but again excited.I took the plunge and asked him his address to put into the sat nav and said I would be about thirty minutes.. I arrived, my heart was thumping, I nearly bottled out but again so excited that I knocked on the door. The guy opened it , he was a little older than myself and asked me in. We chatted in his kitchen for a little while, he poured me some orange juice then as I finished he took the glass, placed it onto the sink and turned to me and said could he kiss me. I stuttered but said yes. He leaned forward and kissed me on my lips. I was so excited I responded, we pulled each other closer and began to explore each others mouth with our tongues kissing passionately. After a few more kisses he took hold of my hand and led me to a bedroom. We kissed some more as he began to undress me until I was just in my underwear. no vest but just pants on. I was so hard by now but the elasticity of the pants held me in. He slowly began to pull them down until I could feel the cool air on my cock as it sprung forward infront of his face. I was so excited, I have a foreskin and he slowly began to draw it back, he then leaned forward and took it into his mouth and pushed me back onto the bad .Slowly he sucked away. I was nearly cumming but he sensed this and stopped. He took control of me and spread my legs apart and up over my shoulders as I lay on my back. he then did something I had never experienced and that was to rim me. gosh it was so erotic. After about 5 minutes of this he stopped stripped naked and made me suck him which I did and enjoyed so much to feel a cock in my mouth throbbing etc. He took a small bottle from a drawer and told me to sniff it, I was told by him it was called poppers and would help me relax. He then took some lube from a bottle and began to insert one then two fingers into my arse, gosh it was so horny. Then he took out a condom, put it on and then presented his cock at the entrance to my arse, He began to push, crikey it hurt so much I kept asking him to stop, He said relax it will be ok in a minute . He lied. ..it took about five minutes of us kissing and him pushing slowly before I suddenly felt his helmet push past the entrance and slid into my arse..He left it there for a little while whilst I adjusted to it, Then slowly and with us kissing he bagan to slide back and forth fucking me gently for about ten minutes, after this time I was fully adjusted to him and he began to pump faster and faster until I felt him orgasm inside me. Wow i was loving him take control of me and use me as he felt. we kissed for aged until I said I needed to go home. He took my number and a week later he phoned me, think he knew I liked to be dominated and ordered me to his house. I arrived later in the day when I had finished work, He took hold of me and kissed me hard, stripped me without the slow sensual way he did a week earlier and I was loving it, He stripped naked and me too.. He then pushed me across the dining table in his dining room and he must have had it planned as he had some plastic cable ties and tied me face down on the table with my arms outstretched and my legs tied to the legs of the table so I was leaning forward with my arse presented to him. Now I was somewhat helpless. The nest thing I knew what not what I expected . He didn't lube me or give me poppers but just took me from behind, The pain was really too much but I don't know why but I felt it was so erotic being taken by him. The pleasure after he entered me was worth the pain as he entered me. He fucked me fast and hard, Now I was his slut, what I didn't know was from the pain he induced was that he had not put a condom on. He fucked me hard and faster until I felt him tense up and shoot his cum inside my arse. Again I wasn't aware of it until he softened and pulled out and I felt his cum trickle out of my arse. This worried me but he assured me he was safe. He kept me there for about an hour fucking me twice without protection . For weeks afterwards I would wank in bed thinking of that day. .. still do but he has moved and do not have a forwarding address..Now looking to be a sex slut to other guys and even 3 or 4 somes having the guys use me as they wish..happy days to come hopefully.