Written by jacko

20 Jan 2012

I remember in a cinema in Cardiff you had to go downstairs where there was a urinal to fit two and one toilet, as it was a sex film I went down for a wank and being 18 at the time didn't know about what happened in there so i'd had my piss and started wanking when out of the blue this guy about 60/65 was standing there watching me ,at first I wanted to put It away but you just don't do you?

Anyway he stood beside me and pulled out what was to me a fucking massive prick about 9/10ins long I just stood there staring at it he then got on his knee's and started to suck me before I could come he lead me to the toilet and closed the door, he sat me on the toilet and stood in front of me offering me his prick to suck which at first I did not want to he then spoke for the first time and said try it and if I did not like it it was not a problem.

I remember that my stomach was in knot's I was so excited I caught hold of it and strangely it felt nice but hard then he talked me through it of how to use a lot of spit and suck and wank him and play with his balls, It took a couple of minutes but then I could feel his cock throb he pulled out he said he was ready to cum don't ask me why but I wanted to taste it I wanted all his spunk down my throat.

He asked me are you sure I said yes I don't know what was happening but after the taste of his cock and pre-cum I just had to taste it, so he put it back in and I sucked until he came and by fuck did he cum I thought he was gonna choke me.

When I had finished he swapped places with me and suck me till I came then we went back upstairs and sat together watching the film.I'm sorry but it didn't finish there, well as you can imagine in a cinema where it was mostly men I would say all of them were gay or bi and to have a man of 60 plus sitting next to a 18yr old drew attention and while me and this guy were playing with each other three guys moved seats and were sitting near us and when I looked up all three had their cocks out wanking but they weren't watching the film.

To be honest I felt great cause they were watching me all three were in their late 40s 50s them one of them sat in the seat next to me and started rubbing my leg and the guy I was first with took his hand off my cock and the other guy grabbed it and started wanking me.At this point the first guy whispered to me first of all telling me his first name which was Trevor and asked was I ready to go back downstairs to which I said yes,when I started to get dressed the three guy's looked as if I had taken their toys but when we got up and walked towards the toilet all three got up and followed.

Downstairs was amazing to watch 4 cocks being wanked all different Trev had the big one 2 medium 1 smallish bout 5inch then out if the blue I thought I want to suck them all and when I asked they all readily said yes and queued I had small cock first cause he looked ready to bust and I was right just over a minute he came the other two took longer but lots of cum then Trev I think he could have gone all night he wasn't gonna cum.

Then Trev asked do you want to be fucked now that this I wasn't sure we were there for another 10 mins or so wanking sucking while I was thinking it over,then Trev said I'll tell you what It's hurts a bit at first then it gets a lot better and If I want to start off with the little guy.Well after a while I said ok and one of the guys had some gel or oil or something and Trev put some on my arse and said that he was just gonna put his finger up I said ok, at first I held my hole tight closed and they laughed cause he could't get his finger in then he told me I had to relax and I did and what a shock to feel that finger up my arse, when I got used to something up there it wasn't so bad then small guy came over and he put it at the hole and fiddled for a bit and then plop he was in and by fuck i'm sure he got harder as fucked me and yet again true to form he had cum and finished, the next to be honest got in so quick and it was so different having a proper cock inside god you can tell the difference but sadly he didn't last long, the third guy now he was good he touched spots the other didn't and somehow wanked me the same time and I came just before him.

Other than a bit of wanking between each other that was it, but as far as Trevor's concerned he lived alone and we went home to his house, I saw him now and again for a few years and fucked a lot but sadly he died about 5 years later and it wasn't long after that they turned the cinema into a fucking coffee shop.

Well that it please excuse the grammar and I hope it hasn't bored you...............