Written by Jacko

22 Jan 2012

After many times of going back to the cinema and experiencing many men the other time that stand's out in my mind was ( god I can remember it clearly ) going to the cinema on a Thursday night, there were two showings so I knew I had a couple of hours.

Anyway I had had a couple of meetings so to speak and had sucked a couple of guy's downstairs and had one guy fuck me and every time I went upstairs I'd go to a different part of the cinema.I don't konw why but this time I went to the front row there was only one guy there so I sat two seats away from him but I found with the screen so close you could see the people beside you more clearly.

Well after about 10mins fuck all was happening so I started playing with myself just rubbing my cock over my trousers which did the trick he noticed and after a minute or so did the same so I moved a seat and we started rubbing each other.It seemed like he wasn't gonna do anything unless I did first so I undid my belt and zip and pulled out what was now a hard cock and he grabbed it and started wanking me, so then I went too the zip on his but no zip he said wait a minute and had two zips one on each side of his trousers.

Then came my big surprise the front flapped down and he was wearing suspenders stockings and silky white panties OMG I had to stop him wanking me or I was gonna cum there and then.

Honestly Iv'e never been so turned on I said we have got to go downstairs right away to which he agreed , we went in and by fuck he had the bra to match he wanted me to fuck him but cum in his mouth which of coarse I did.We stayed together all that evening and sucked and fuck some more, and at the end of the night he told me he had a partner which he would tell what happened and if we met again perhaps I could meet him but sadly that never happened.But It left me with this fetish of women's underwear which I love and wear now and again hehe.