Written by Bubba

27 Jan 2012

Ive been back to FV cinema in London several times since my 12th Oct 2011 postine, and went again last night. Again i chenges in the car from my business suit to lose fit jeans, short t-shirt and shoes (no belt, no underwear, no socks, no coat) so I could be stripped easily by anyone who wanted me. It was a little cold walking to the cinema from my car. I paid my entrance fee and went down the steps to the two basement cinema screens. Lots of people there, as it was around 6pm and i guess list come here after work. May had their cocks out and were openly wanking. There was an asian TV in who was very attractive, but wasnt really doing much. Aftering wandering around I went to the corridor in the larger of the two cinemas, where there is a sholder height partition behind the back row of cimena seats. I push my teams down so a fair amount of my arse was exposed, and leant on the partition, with my elbows on the top of it watching the film. In this position my t-shirt moved up exposing my lower back, and I waited... People came past and eventually I felt someone behind me toucking my arse... Slowly at first to gauge my reaction and then, when I offered no resistance, he got bolder. Other people were around, watching the film from behind the partition, or groping ech other... I juts concentrated on watching the film. I felt the man's cock againstby arse, and he tugged by jeans down more to help gains access. He reacheed around for my cock and undid the final button on my jeans, and the fell to the floor. Then I felt a mouth around my cock. Someone else was on his knees sucking me, whilst the other guy was rubbing my arse with his cock. I move back from the partition a little to give hime some room for his cock sucking. It was all getting close to me comming, so I pulled up my jeans and moved to the other cimena to sit for a rest!! Awter aa few minutes I returned to the partition and again stood with elbows up on the ledge, just waiting. The same happened again, but who it was the same people! My t-shirt was lifted right up and my jeans un-buttoned so they dropped to the floor. Whilst my cock was being sucked, I felt fingers on my arse, trying to enter my hole. Ive never done this, so want prepared to go that far... So i kept my legs together. Then I felt him crouch down behind me and his toungue on my bottom. It felt great and i couldnt resist. I bent forward and he opened my cheeks and started licking. He was great and really took his time trying to get his tongue into my hole. The guy sucking me hand stopped and i took the chance to take one shoe off and take that leg out of my jeans. This way i could really sprread my legs, giving the guy better access to rim me. The guy next to me actually helped me. He held by leg up so that i was really exposed, and the other guy courched below me and licked my arse, my balls and my cock. It was truely fantastic, and I just erupted down his throat.... What a place!!!!