Written by jamessex

11 Oct 2008

I’m a 37 year old gay guy. At the moment I’m seeing a very horny bi married bloke. He’s very good looking and sexy, with a nice body and a nice cock. He has this thing he likes to do...he likes to cum in his wife’s undies. He comes round, and brings about 3 or 4 pairs of her worn panties for us to have fun with. I’ve been bi in the past so I’m happy to go along with whatever he wants to do. We’ll strip off, he’ll lie back, and I’ll suck his dick till he’s about to cum, then he shoots his load into the gusset of his wife’s knickers! So as to keep mess to a minimum, I have the job of scooping the load out into my mouth...and then down my throat. We do this about 4 or 5 times in a session, each time he shoots into his wife’s knickers, and each time I get to clear up the mess! He’s getting more adventurous, and although he doesn’t go further yet (except for me giving his arse a damn good rimming), he’d like to try a gay threesome and a bi threesome...if this happens I’ll be writing again.