Written by ldn boy

15 Aug 2009

Just got back from a great night out in Vauxhall, London, and thought I'd share.

So, I was a bit bored of going out with mates etc and love the fact that in London you can be whoever you want. So, having had fun with blokes before, decided to hop on the tube to vauxhall and see what a gay bar I'd heard about was like...I ended up having a lot of fun!

Got to the bar - half bar half club - at about 10pm and boy was it lively! Paid the cover charge, and headed straight to the bar -if I was going to be uninhibited I'd need a few drinks first! Got my drink, and turned around to see nothing but men everywhere - and all of them there for the same thing!

Anyway, I took my drink and went on a rekkie, checking the whole place. In the bar there were blokes chatting to each other etc, a bit of kissing, the norm. Found the club part and even though it was early it was busy. A mess of blokes on the dance floor, with hands going everywhere. 'bingo' I thought! By this time I was ready for another drink, so headed to the bar next to the dancefloor.

Next thing I know a bloke in his 30s arrives and asks to buy me a drink. Well, he's fit, so obv I say yes. We chat over the drink, before he gets me another one, then without warning, kisses me full on the mouth, forcing his tongue into my mouth. he then pulls me onto the dancefloor and stands in front of me grinding his arse into my groin, while groping my arse.

After 15 mins of this and more kissing and mutual cock groping I need a breather, so make my excuses and head off to the gents. I get in there and the urinals my cock still hard from the play just before, and notice two guys either side just checking my cock out. Well next thing I know one of them has grabbed my cock and is wanking me off, while the other has taken my hand and put it on his cock. the one I'm wanking then moves back from the urinal and puts his hand on my head, forcing me to the floor and his erect cock, which is then forced into mouth. Pretty soon I'm getting a load of spunk deposited in my mouth which I then spit into the urinal. I then such off the other bloke, and spit as before. With both lads serviced I have my piss and head back to the floor with two drinks.

I find my buddy, and give his drink with a slightly cummy kiss. He looks at me and says- 'I saw you in the gents, let's down these and go back to mine - I'm gonna make you my bitch for the night'. Well, after that my knees were trembling-but what could I do? I'd been caught cock in mouth, so I downed my drink and left hand in hand with this hot and horny stranger.

The cab ride back was interesting, with the cabbie obv knowing who we were and what we going to get up to. My master made me rub his cock through his jeans in the back of the cab. We got back to his at about 1am and headed up to the bedroom. He stripped me off, stripped himself off, and then blindfolded me and tied my hands and legs to the bedposts, before offering me some poppers.

Next thing I know, the blindfold is taken off and he's standing there with 3 other blokes...holy shit! 4 naked and erect men leering over me. 'go for it lads' is all that's said and what followed was 3 hours of non stop fucking. My arse and mouth got such a working over. Each one fucked my arse with condoms and when one of them was in my arse another was in my mouth, then they'd swap over. Master would occasionally nip out before coming back with booze and water. I really needed the latter! Eventually all loads had been spent two or three times over. They left and I was untied.

Through all this I hadn't cum off, master noticed this and proceeded to give me the best blow job of my life. Swallowing every last drop of my cum. We past out in the same bed that I'd been ruined in, all sweaty and cummy. This we woke up, he fucked me again, called my a cab, thanked me for being a good sport and gave me his number...

I love London!