Written by countmein

16 Jul 2011

I was feeling fucking horny on Monday of this week but the car needed to be repaired so I just had to satisfy myslef with the stories on SH and watching porn - bi, straight, lesbian and group. Otherwise I would have cruised the various places in Co Durham for cock.

Tuesday - car was fixed by the lovelt people at the garage so some fun could ensue.

I spent a good 4 hours edging while watching porn - getting fucking harder and hornier as the hours passed.

It was dinnertime and decided to go.

Pulled in to a layby and pulled up in front of a black car. I could just about make out the driver - was wearing glasses and appeared to be a mature guy - mmmmmmmmm.

Watched as he slowly drew on his slim cigar. He set off the windscreen wipers. Well it wasn't raining, just spitting. Was this an early sign ? I set mine off in return.

He did the same thing a minute later. I did the same. There were a couple of drive-bys - timewasters. I ignored them and got back to stroking my cock thru my joggers.

Feeling daring and fucking horny I pulled my cock out, thumbing a large drop of shiny pre-cum from my piss hole. I greedily licked at it. I set off my wipers indicating "Im fucking here for fun". He did the same.

I drove passed him and stopped, reversed up to his car, flashed my brake lights twice. Again cock out, thumbing my pisshole to coax another glob of precum. Fuck I was hard.

Mr Black moved his car to the other side of the layby - opposite to mine. He was on for fun I thought.

I had had 2 days of wanting, now it was time for play. I got out of my car, wandered round the back of his. I could see he was stroking his cock mmmmmm

I walked to his door, he was rubbing his cock, gently, discreetly. "Let me fucking see it" I thought

He said "do you think the rain's gonna hold off" (rubbing his cock)

"yeh I reckon" (me stroking discreetly)

He said a car is coming - another fucking drive-by - Don't you just hate them ??

He then teased more of his cock out. I could make out part of the knob end. OMG I thought, its a fucking mushroom headed cock.

When the car had left the layby he pulled his cock right out of his jeans.

Here I was looking at a horny daddy type, pulling out a mushroom headed AND cut cock. Fuck yes, I'd hit paydirt.

"thats a fucking nice cock" I just about managed to say.

I reached in and took hold of his hardening cock. Just about managed to get my slim, long fingers round it.

I proceeded to coax it to full hardness (not that it needed much), then proceeded to slowly wank the shaft of his thick monster. I wanna suck it soo bad I told him. Shame there were cars around otherwise I'd have had that cock in my mouth.

Its beautiful I thought as I rubbed my hand over his fat knob.

After a few minutes of serious wanking he anounced he was cumming.

"let me see you spunk, come on" I said.

He groaned and a few drops of swater cum shot out of his cock followed by 5 or 6 heavy squirts of spunk. I continued to massage / milk his cock.

"we'll have to arrange something" he said

"yeh too right we will" I replied.

"im here often" he said.

"ok, well next time I wanna suck your cock"

You know who you are Mister Black because you said you were a member here xxx

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