25 Jun 2016

Fun in the dunes

It was a hot summers day perfect for a walk along the coastal path in Cornwall so I packed my bags and headed for Perranporth. I called at the local shop and bought a steak pasty to eat on my walk and drove to a small lay-by near to the dunes.

I followed the coastal path staying clear of the M.O.D area until I reach the dunes where I could see the sea and walked East towards Hollywell Bay.

It was very hot and I decided to lie down in a sandy hollow and eat my pasty. I had noticed a few naked guys in the area and thought it would be as good a place as any. I stripped down to a pair of flimsy shorts and soaked up the sun but it was not long before I could feel the sun burning.

I opened a bottle of sun cream and applied it to all the parts I could reach, but as much as I tried I couldn't reach parts of my back. I had seen an elderly naked guy close by being rubbed down with sun cream by another guy so I plucked up courage and went over to his little sand pit and asked him politely if he would rub some sun cream into my back.

He was very happy to help so I gave him my sun cream and turned away from him. He applied the cream to my shoulders and down my back using both hands to cover me fully. It felt great and I think I must have moaned appreciatively and as he reached the lower half of my back as he pushed my flimsy shorts down so he could cover my lower body.

His hands spread the oil over my ass his fingers sliding in the crease between my cheeks. My cock was enjoying his touch and he remarked how big it was and that i must be enjoying his touch which I could only agree and said if felt great.

He moved in front of me and started to spread the oil over my chest and as his finger touched my hard nipples I let out a grown of pleasure and my cock stood to full attention, he dropped to his knees and took my hard cock in his mouth and sucked me until with a grown of frustration he said he was cumming and I realised he had been playing with himself and his spunk was ooozing out of his semi hard cock.

I thanked him for his efforts and returned to my little hole feeling very randy but it was time to move on and complete my walk.

I think I might do that walk again soon and maybe sit a bit longer in one of those secluded hollows.