Written by colin

16 Nov 2007

John(name changed)lives alone on the outskirts of the village,I often used to jog or walk past his house;over the months we got used to having a chat,when we got to know each other a bit better he even used to do some mild flirting,I used to laugh it off and make smutty remarks and then be on my way.Then one evening when I had a few hours to spare I caught him in the garden and he asked me in for tea.When we got behind closed doors the flirting started again but it was more intense this time,I started to get a hard on and there was no chance of hiding it,John picked up on it right away and started to smirk.He asked if I wanted to see the rest of the house,I said yes,and thats how we ended up upstairs just outside the bedroom.'I dont let anyone in unless they are naked'he said with a cheeky grin,'do you still want to go in'.I just sighed and said,'naked eh,as in no clothes'.He just smiled and I replied'ok'.Then it turned into a race to strip,I ended up hopping into the bedroom trying to get my socks off while he held onto my cock from behind,his hands were between my legs.We fell onto the bed laughing and then had a sword fight as he called it with our cocks;it was great fun,but if didnt take long for the groping to start,soon I had his swollen cock,it was about six inches long in my mouth,he did the same to me.We sucked each other for ages,it was a nice feeling and I could taste the drips of his precum,it wasnt long before he was groaning,I took his cock out of my mouth but kept wanking his hard till he started to jerk and he came over my face and chin.Then I lay down with the cum still dripping and he gave me the best wank I have ever had,I shot spunk right past his face and onto my chest,it was exhausting,but well worth the sweat.We have done it again since;but it has also opened my eyes to other partners,so its two down and two to go.