Written by satinfeelsgreat

5 Jun 2011

Having just read Tinacds charity shop story, it reminded me very much of a very good holiday in Jersey. 1976 - the hot summer, having recently accepted my sexuality i intended to make the most of my 2 weeks in the sun and had already had a number of encounters. i was staying in a rather nice guest house and an area in st helier known as 'the rocks' was a known gay hangout. i was there in the morning and a short while later noticed the guest house owner's husband arriving and making himself comfortable, well that was my cover blown. i digress.

one morning when it was a bit overcast i went shopping and found a gents outfitters (remember them) at the top of colomberie near howard davis park, i just had to have an authentic original jersey - in one of the hottest summers on record. the shop was owned\run by a chap who set my off, possibly 20 years my senior but very dapper.i was the only customer and i decided that i needed another pair of swimming trunks and duly selected a rather camp pair with anchors and other naval motifs on them, conversation ensued about my prospective purchases and at some point the shop owner suggested that i should slip into the changing cubicle with an excuse for a curtain so i could try on the swimming trunks to ensure a good fit. "are you alright in there? anything i can help you with" and off we went. it turns out he was single and lived with his sister and was due to shut for lunch soon "they're all on the beach, we dont get custom then". he then suggested that he rang his sister to say he wouldnt be home for lunch and we could spend the hour with the place locked up. i was in my mid 20s and surging with hormones so wasnt going to turn up a chance. the details are blurry after all this time but i spent most of the next hour on the floor of the shop behind tinted windows and window displays being shagged tweaked and sucked as if it was going out of fashion.

when we were both sated and had regained our composure i gathered up my purchases which i didnt receive as much as a penny discount on even though the trunks were thoroughly shop soiled by now, and was let out of the shop to continue an eventful holiday.

in all i had or was had (or both) by 17 guys and also met someone who was to alter the course of my life, but that story is not for publication