Written by benwickham

21 Oct 2007

hi i was at home awaiting a delivery from comet of a super dooper tv 40inch jobby ! whilst waiting i was watching a porn dvd and my cock was rock hard , well it had to be done so out percy comes and im enjoying a nice wank . now the bloody doorbell batteries had gone id forgot to replace them ! so whilst im enjoying a nice tug there was a knock on the window ! i looked round to see this young guy waving at me !! fuck me had he seen anything !

i turned off the dvd and answered the door it was the man from comet !

anyway he brought it in set it up etc i made him a brew then when he had set up the dvd and the video to it he said lets try it out

well he put the dvd on and this enormous cock was being sucked by the other guy !!

nice he said it looked good what i saw when i looked through the window he replied ! and went on to say and your cock was certainly responding to what you were watching ! so he had seen me ! jeeez i blushed didnt know what to say he then said if you wanna carry on is it ok if i join you ! fuck me ! i looke dat the front of his pants and well he was very pleased to see me you could tell that so i said if you like so i sat down and got my cock out he sat at the side of me and pulled out this really thick 8 inch cut cock wot a beauty !

he then said do u fancy sucking me off ! ive never had a guy blow me b4 ! well ive got to say that afterwards i thoughtto myself he was a lier ! cos i got my lips round his cock and he was all over me like a rash we were soon on the floor ina 69 and boy this guy could suck , he rolled his tongue all round my bell end then too my 7.5 inces with ease right down his throaat

this was bloody fantastic cut a long they say he pumped gallons of hot spunk in my my mouth my face was covered in it and i returned the favour delivering him a full load back which he drank down with glee he was a horny fucker he then started to snowball me with both our sounky tongues he give me a great snogging session

well mr comet now makes a weekly delivery great working from home so when he passes by now he calls in for a coffe and i provide him the cream !