Written by Kim

1 Dec 2009

I suppose I always had an inkling I might be gay.I'm 22 yrs old,I've had girlfriends,I realised that I was more interested in their underwear than their fannies.My interest in womens underwear started earlier,I occasionally tried on my sisters,I felt fantastic in them.

I moved into my own flat and bought some lovely underwear on the internet,I always wore them in bed at night.The urge to be seen in them got stronger and stronger,the idea of exposing myself came from this site,I went to a seaside mentioned on here,after looking around for a while I fairly easily found what I was looking for.

That first occasion I just wore a pair of white skimpy briefs,I went to some dunes where I'd already noticed some men occasionally passed by.Yes I was nervous but also excited,I removed my shorts and teeshirt and lay outstretched on the sand,the briefs barely covered my cock,I pretended to be asleep.I heard the footsteps,I just lay there,they passed by then came back.I instinctively knew I was being oggled,then a little cough.

I pretended to be surprised,I opened my eyes.There was a man about 2 metres away,in his 50s probably,he was just standing looking at me,up and down.I immediately felt my cock respond,his eyes were glued to it,a smile on his face,within seconds I felt it spring clear of my briefs.

He was also wearing shorts,he was feeling his cock through the front,I watched him.I had a full erection my cock moving up and down on my stomach,he looked around then pushed his shorts and undies to his ankles.He continued to watch around him as he wanked himself,he had a big powerfull cock,underhung by a sizeably pair of balls which bounced up and down as he wanked himself,he was completely clean shaven which seemed to add to the size.

I did'nt feel in the least phased by it all,though it was my very first time.I started to wank myself,he nodded his head in appreciation,I lifted myself from the sand and pushed my briefs down.He came and knelt near me,removed my briefs and put them to his nose smelling them deeply,he put them around his cock and wanked himself with them.He kept looking around,we were alone,he removed his top,again smooth shaven.

He took my cock from my hand,I litterally stopped breathing,no girls hand had ever had that effect.I spread my legs wide apart,his fingers went between them and gently fondled my balls,the best feeling I'd ever known.He looked around again,wank mine he whispered as he moved his cock closer to me.It felt absolutely huge in my hand and as smooth as silk,I had to feel his balls,the smooth skin was so hot,I felt each of his beautiful shaped balls in turn,he kept a lookout.

We wanked each other for a little while,the most beautiful experience of my life.He knelt between my knees,looked in my face and smiled then moved his head down between my legs.He held my balls ever so gently as his tongue licked my completely exposed swollen head,I could'nt stop myself pushing into his open mouth.His tongue played with my cock his head moving up and down slowly with a slow sucking action,I tried hard to stop myself but things had gone too far.

From the deepest reaches of my body it started,I have no idea how he held onto my cock but it never left his mouth.I felt the heat of my own spunk as it filled his mouth,at the time I did'nt know he was swallowing,neither did I care.He completely emptied me then slowly raised himself upright,I could do nothing but just lay there.

He put my briefs back around his cock and started to wank himself really fast,he spunked almost immediately,I just watched as stream after stream of his spunk landed on the sand.Finished he handed me back my briefs,he had avoided getting any spunk on them.He watched me put them back on as he replaced his,he nodded his approval as I tucked my cock inside them,here tomorrow he asked,I nodded.I wore the full gear,he introduced me to a friend with a place to go.