Written by Kim

1 Dec 2009

I made my way back to my b&b in a bit of a trance,smiling to myself at the thought of having been sucked off by another man.I stood in front of the mirror and slowly pushed my sexy briefs down my legs,watching my cock rise again as I did so,I held my cock in my hand trying to get that feeling of when it was in his mouth.The thought of his smoothness entered my mind,I rubbed my fingers over my pubic hair and wondered what it would feel without it.Delicately I started to shave my whole pubic region,my cock throbbing in my hand at the sensation,taking particular care with my balls,then my legs,a small mistake of using after shave definitely added some heat to the situation.

I was dying to wank myself off but wanted to keep it all for the following day.I tried on several different sets of sexy underwear,briefs,bra,belt and stockings again resisting the urge to wank myself off.I had difficulty getting to sleep,my cock was in a constant state of erection,I could'nt keep my hand off it and I did'nt want to have a wet dream,I eventually drifted off and did'nt spunk in my sleep.

Doubtless to say I woke wth a hardon and immediately started to wank myself,I kicked the clothes down and lay there my legs apart taking myself just to the edge,I even had a hardon during breakfast.I could'nt wait to get back to my room,I reshaved getting myself as smooth as possible,I did use a little aftershave but not on my balls,it actually felt nice on my cock,it looked good in the mirror and definitely made my cock look bigger.No chance of getting my cock in the briefs but the suspender belt held it in place,I liked what I saw,the set was a pale pink,really petite,the stockings felt fantastic on my shaved legs.

Trousers and teeshirt and I headed out,my cock did eventually go down but was still out of my briefs.I felt excited as I headed towards the dunes,my cock started to rise again,I found the dunes and immediately removed my trousers and teeshirt,for some reason I felt completely safe.I rubbed my hands up and down my body,I wanted so much to be touched,I wanted to be wanked and sucked,I needed him to turn up,I was standing there in a completely public place dressed like a whore.I saw them both walk towards me,I recognised him I was'nt expecting him to have somebody with him,I was a little frightened but too late.His friend came straight to me,dropped on his knees between my legs and took my cock straight in his mouth,I just stood there and let him suck on it,I liked it.

I see you've given yourself the full treatment the other said as he walked behind me and started feeling all over my body,I loved what they were doing to me.He pushed my briefs down and felt between my cheeks a finger probing my love hole as his mate continued to suck my cock.You fancy some real fun the newcomer said as he released my saliva soaked cock from his mouth and slowly wanked me,yes I heard myself say.He picked up my trousers and held them as I stepped into them holding my cock in a safe position as he pulled the zip up,he put my teeshirt over my head kissing both of my nipples through my bra before pulling it down.

We walked silently off the dunes,I had no idea where I was going or what was going to happen but so long as it was safe they could do what they wanted to me,I knew I wanted them to use me. We reached a large expensive motor caravan,we went inside,they were both naked in seconds,they both stripped me to my underwear,they both got erections as they stripped me.Neither of them had hair on their bodies,they started to oil each others bodies with baby oil then sandwiched me between them and started to shag me all over.My underwear was slipping from my body,I was quickly completely naked and covered in baby oil,then the real fun started.