Written by laidback

17 Apr 2013

Firstly I must thank the person who sent a PM with some advice.

I returned to the location I mentioned earlier armed with a little more information and proved that knowledge is powerful.

I would consider myself bi-curious and I like to try different things, this turned out to be one of them.

There didn't seem many people about but I went in to the toilets anyway. nobody there, after a few minutes I went back out and sat in the car for a while. Second attempt, I went in and stood there for a moment and was quickly joined by somebody who stood very close to me and was clearly enjoying himself while staring at me, this, in turn, turned me on. He turned slightly towards me as if to invite me to help. Did I have the courage? Well, if I bottled out now I would have been wasting my time and would never get to know what I have been missing. Deep breath - then I moved my hand in his direction, he in turn moved closer so I knew he wanted me to join in so I did. His cock was already dripping pre-cum so I rubbed it gently. With his encouragement and obvious enjoyment I worked my hand faster and, before long he was spurting his load into the urinal. Once he had finished he shook and zipped up his fly. He then turned and left, a bit one-sided I thought but never mind.

When I turned round there was somebody leaning against the wall who must have watched what happened. As I started to leave he caught my eye and nodded his head towards the cubicles. I generally do as I am told so went towards the cubicles, I started to go into the nearest of two but he indicated that I should go in the end one, which I did. He followed me, locked the door and whispered one word "Strip". Not what I had expected. I am self concious about being skinny but as I said, I generally do as I'm told.

It was cramped in there but I started undressing. I stood there in my boxers but he indicated that they should come off as well. Quite a vulnerable feeling when you are the only naked one but it didn't stop me being aroused. He ran his hands all over my body and from the bulge in his trousers he seemed to be enjoying it. Then he undid his trousers and his erect cock stood there. He took my hand and placed it on him, I obliged by rubbing (as you do). Then there was a tap on the door which he unbolted and a second man squeezed in. With one either side of me I was pushed to my knees and was faced with two erect cocks which I took in hand. They were both ready so I knew it wouldn't be long before they shot their load so I combined hand and mouth and worked on them. First one came which further excited the other and he too shot, unfortunately it ended up all over my shoulder and chest.

Then they stood me up and one of them got on his knees in front of me, the other stood behind me. The one kneeling started playing with my cock and balls with his hands and mouth, the other one pushed up against me pushing his cock against by buttocks. Then his finger was slowly pushed between my cheeks, well, that was just too much, I couldn't hold back and came in the guy's mouth.

Once I had finished they both tidied up and zipped up, then they were off. I was left there naked and messy so I started cleaning up. I left the door unlocked but there were no more visitors. Eventually I slowly dressed and eventually left.

I'll be back now I have learnt some of what I have been missing. I have a taste for it now so I would welcome PMs letting me know of safe cottaging sites around the country. For research purposes, obviously!