Written by Jed

20 Jul 2009

I was sitting in the living room of my house last week watching some homemade DVD’s of a 3sum involving me, my wife Anne and a guy we met off this site. As we live in a detached house in an isolated part of the country, I hadn’t bothered closing the curtains or even locking the door. I was enjoying the show and had my cock out, slowly wanking. I nearly died when there was a knock on the window and I saw a face there! I hastily put my cock away and went to the door, to see a young guy about 25 or so, holding a parcel from ebay. I took it and signed, then he said ‘Enjoying that, were you?’ with a grin on his face. I thought I’d better brazen it out and said ‘Yes, I love watching our movies – it’s pretty horny stuff.’ ‘Got any spare?’ he said, still grinning. ‘I like to watch a bit of porn myself.’ ‘They are all home made, mate’ I replied. ‘The wife would kill me.’ ‘Not to worry’ he responded. ‘I’ll probably JUST have a wank on my way back to the depot.’ I saw he was sneaking a glance at my crotch as he spoke and the possibilities of the situation suddenly dawned on me. ‘You can have a sneaky look at this one if you want’ I said. ‘Really?’ he replied? ‘I’d love that.’ ‘Come on in then’ I said and he followed me through to the living room. The film was still playing and had just reached a point where I was about to enter Anne, with her lying back on the bed sucking the large hard cock of our friend.

We sat on the settee and watched for a minute or so as I started to build up a rhythm and then we got to the part I’d forgotten about. Don, our friend, pulled away from Anne and offered his cock to me and I took it in my mouth. ‘Bloody hell, that’s sexy’ the delivery man said. I glanced over to him and saw he was rubbing the bulge in his trousers. I thought I’d take the bull by the horns and I undid my jeans again and released my cock, wanking it to full hardness. He alternated between watching me and the TV screen, then finally unzipped himself and sat up to pull his trousers down. I looked at his cock and gasped at the size of it! He looked me in the eyes as he started to wank and I said ‘Would you like me to do that for you?’ He just nodded and I sank to my knees in front of him and took hold of his iron hard cock. After a few strokes, I bent down and took it in my mouth – it tasted absolutely divine. A few seconds later, without a word being spoken, we both stood up and undressed. Naked, we went back to the settee and watched more of the film, wanking each other as we did so.

When we got to the bit where we were both cumming over Anne’s tits, his breathing got heavier and I sensed he was nearly ready to cum. I told him to stand in front of me so I could suck him and get his cum over my chest. He was up like a rocket and I took him in my mouth again, wanking him with one hand whilst I sucked him off. In a matter of seconds he groaned and I directed his cock onto my chest as he shot jets of cum all over me. When he subsided, I lay back, my own erection still strong. ‘How about finishing me off?’ I asked. ‘No problem there’ he grinned and knelt down next to me. He cupped my balls with one hand and wanked me with the other. As I was just about to cum, he clamped his mouth over my cock and I shot a huge amount of cum, making him gag as he tried to swallow it all.

‘That was unexpected but great’ I said, when I’d recovered. ‘We must do that again sometime. Maybe you would fancy a 3sum?’ ‘Wow, that would be a bit good’ he replied. We both got dressed but I couldn’t help myself, I had to have another taste of his cock as he was pulling up his trousers. Even when soft it must have been about 6” and thick. He grinned as it stiffened to half mast. ‘Another time, I have to be getting on’ he said and I reluctantly let him finish dressing. I’m now trying to arrange a 3sum. I’m sure Anne will enjoy that huge young cock as much as I did .