Written by Terry

14 Dec 2009

My first job was working on a farm in Yorkshire,out in the sticks,I was a country lad who did'nt have a clue but was glad to be away from home.The farm was owned by an elderly couple,the only other person there was their son,probably in his 40s.My bedroom was in a kind of an annexe next to the main house,more like an outhouse really.

A half day off a week,there was a bit of a woodland area nearby,I took to going in there to masturbate,nobody ever went there.On a sunny day I would occasionally strip off,I enjoyed being naked.Imagine my horror when out of the blue the son told me he'd seen me,I don't mind he said laughing,but if the old folk found out you'd be out the door.

I was'nt sure what to do,I found it hard to look him in the face after that and I was frightened to leave in case he told anybody.He would look at me and wink and when he'd be having a piss he would'nt turn away anymore,he made sure I could see his cock.I did'nt know if it was that size or if he was turned on,it was'nt erect but it stood out and he would kind of play with it while he pissed.

The old couple were away visiting relatives,I never had pyjames,I slept naked.It must have been about two in the morning,there was no lock on the door.A noise woke me,there was enough light to make out a figure standing there then as my eyes adjusted I could see the lightness of his skin,I just lay there paralysed.

I could see he was naked,he was standing looking at me his cock in his hand masturbating,now I knew what an erection looked like,it was twice the size of mine.I tried to say something but my voice just would'nt come,I just watched him masturbating.For no reason that I could understand then I felt my own cock responding,the harder I tried to stop it the faster I was becoming erect,I was dying to hold it but dare'nt.

That first encounter probably lasted a minute or so,but seemed to go on forever.He walked towards the bed,I could hear his loud breathing,I made no attempt to stop him as he pulled the bedclothes down,I was lying on my back,I knew my cock was in full erection.He just stood there and wanked himself looking me up and down,I had no idea that a man would put his hand on another mans cock,things like that were'nt talked about then.

At first he just touched the head of my cock with his finger,it completely stopped me breathing but I could'nt prevent my cock from jerking furiously.As he wanked himself he put his fingers around my cock and held it tightly,I knew he could feel the throbbing,I could.

I'd masturbated myself often enough and I'd always enjoyed it,but when he started to masturbate me it was out of this world,I should'nt have been enjoying it like I was.Without even thinking I reached for his cock,I think he was more surprised than I was,his whole body started trembling.His knees were resting on the side of the bed,we started to seriously masturbate each other.

I'd never seen another man ejaculate but from my own experience knew when it was about to happen.His hips suddenly started to move back and forward wanting me to masturbate him faster,his cock seemed to get ever larger,his breathing coming in gulps.

I don't think my foreskin had ever moved so quickly over the head of my cock,I knew I was about to cum and right on cue I felt his cum along his shaft.Two things were suddenly happening at once,I could feel the heat of his cum landing on my body,I knew what that felt like because I liked to lie on my back when masturbating and feel my own cum land on my chest,his felt just the same.

He tightened his grip on my cock forcing my own cum into the air,it too was landing back on me.We stopped cumming at the same time,not a word was spoken during the whole episode.His cock was going down in my hand,still big though,we both let go,he disappeared out the door,I had a bit of cleaning up to do.

We did'nt speak about the incident,a couple of days later I took myself off to the little woodland and stripped off and started masturbating myself.At first I did'nt think he had noticed I'd gone then I heard the footsteps,I pretended I had'nt heard him and started to really get to work on my cock,by the time I acknowledged his presence he was already completely naked,his cock looked massive in his hand,it also looked fantastic.