Written by Harry_22

9 Feb 2015

I had been busy all morning, but had somehow managed to find the time to drive past the layby three or four times. It was empty the first time, but by about ten o’clock there were a few cars and I spotted the same one there each time, a grey haired guy sat behind the wheel reading a newspaper.

By the time I had the time to stop there myself the guy was still there. My cock swelled in my trousers as I parked for a while and rubbed it. I had not realised how horny I had got and I fought the urge to pull out and wank. My work phone rang and to my dismay a couple of customer problems distracted me and my cock shrank back. Nearly ten minutes later my mind was back on the layby and I looked up to see that the car I had been watching was now empty and a new one had arrived behind me, also empty.

Thoughts of naughtiness came to mind and my cock stirred. I couple of strokes through my trousers and I was hard once again so with my heart pounding with excitement I got out of the car and walked in to the shallow woods. The small strip of trees is only about twenty metres deep, but very thick with trees and bushes. After a few steps the road is out of sight and there is a selection of paths that run parallel to the road wending their ways to various different nooks and small clearances in the undergrowth. Thick with trees as it was it was difficult to make out where people were and it was fairly common to ‘bump’ into guys wanking or couples doing more. I blush a little thinking about how familiar I am with the area and so I soon narrow it down to where they are now.

I saw his newspaper first, there is a very convenient fallen tree across the back area, it fell last year and opened up a very dense holly bush. The unfriendly nature of holly meant that this area had never been used before, but now a thick trunk opened it up; with a careful step through it was straight forward to get to an even more secluded spot, a shaded circle about three metres in diameter with the luxury, thanks to the trunk, of a seat or table or what ever you wanted to use it for. This was where I saw his newspaper and I smirked as it saw that on top on the paper was a porno mag. It was open on fleshy pictures of girls spreading themselves, but I paid it no attention as my eyes were drawn straight away to the two guys in the clearance.

The guy I had seen first was bent over, holding on to the log and facing me, his jeans down round his knees. He was rocking and having a bit of trouble holding his balance as behind him a much younger guy was fucking him. He had his eyes shut as he gave it to him and I recognized the usual shyness that happened at meetings like this. The older guy taking him was grinning from ear to ear and he gestured me forward to join him.

My cock was rock hard in my trousers as I thread my way carefully between the fallen tree and the holly. I unzipped as soon as I was clear and put my throbbing tip to his lips. His companion banged him so that his mouth rocked on and off my cock. The young man opened his eyes and watched the back of his head sucking me which coincided with a change in his pace and with some sudden movement he tensed his body and jerked his hips back and forth. The older guy stopped sucking on my cock as he caught his breath and I took the breather as a chance to fully undo my trousers and push them down. The guy held his thrusts as he came and I buzzed wondering if he was spunking bare up his arse. He finished quickly and with a flurry of movement my question was answered, I saw him tug a condom off before he fumbled his clothes together and left without a word.

Ian, though I would not find out his name till later, looked up and had a devilish grin on his face.

“Well that was nice,” he said in a very proper tone of voice. Still bent over he lifted my cock up against my body and licked the length of it before sliding his tongue back down it and then further until he licked at my balls. He played his tongue like that and my cock strained. His reached my tip again and my body twitched, I was shocked at how ready I was to come.

“Oh not yet,” he spoke quietly as he read my body language like a pro, “Turn around.”

I did as I was told and his soft hands stroked my bum cheeks and with gentle squeezes he used his thumbs to pull my cheeks apart so that a cool breeze played on me. I heard him move, moving forwards a little I leant on the tree and looked back seeing him kneel and move his head forward. I moaned as his tongue poked through to my balls and then with a sloppy lick he trailed wetness up my crack allowing his tongue tip to tickle around my hole. He worked his tongue back and forth, back and forth and I moaned more and more until I heard him moan back and the vibration of his lips on my skin.

“Your arse is lovely,” he said politely, “I would very much like to fuck it.” I was surprised at this announcement having just seen him taking it from the younger guy, but delighted at the same time. A thrill went through my body as he did not wait for an answer before putting his wet tongue to my hole once more and pressing on me now with a keenness that made me push back on him a little. I laughed inwardly at myself, wondering if there was going to be a day one day when I played hard to get!

In a more direct response I moaned back at him my agreement, but added that he needed a condom and he reassured me that it was no problem. I moved to get up, but he put a hand on the base of my back.

“Stay there,” he whispered and more excitement pulsed through me, I found it so sexy to go with strangers and even more so if I had not even seen their cocks like this. I did as I was told, adjusting my weight on my arms to stay comfortable as I heard the familiar sounds of a wrapper ripping and then the roll of rubber over his cock. More noise then I saw a flat sachet fall to the floor, I pictured him rubbing his lube over his shaft and then another sachet fell down and as he stepped up behind me, I watched his feet as I looked down, his fingers pressed on my arsehole and cool lube helped me open for his digits as he spread his lube. My heard pounded as I waited in anticipation for him, birds tweeted and the odd car hummed down the road while wind blew through the trees and leaves around me. I felt another finger push in and my cock bobbed up between my legs. Gently he pulled them out and I heard him say something, but could not make out the words. A hand rested on my bum and then I felt his cock nudge into my crack. I breathed hard and bent over more. A deep groan came up from the back of my throat as his tip pushed forwards. He was rock hard I could tell, but I was more focused on how thick he felt. It was good he was so hard as my nerves clenched me up a little and I was not sure how I was going to take him.

His helmet was pressing onto my entrance now, he was lined up and I felt his hand move form his cock to rest on the other side of my bum. He gently massaged my arse building to assertive squeezes of my cheeks. He had me just on the threshold of it hurting which I liked and I felt my face flush red hot as it occurred to me that he was also drawing me back. The distraction had relaxed me and I moaned out loudly now as his helmet open me fully. With a distinct slip his cock pushed into me and I felt pain as I was stretched briefly before my arse gripped down on his slimmer shaft. His shaft may have been thinner, but he was still large and now he was in I was entirely lost with the feeling of how much he filled me. I could do nothing but gasp with each of his pushes and as he slid more of his cock into me and the gasps quickly turned to moans and groans.

It was not long before I felt his pubes press against my bum and I knew I had him all in. He fucked me in short strokes so that his helmet pulled as it drew back to nearly leaving me. He was very gentle, but he pushed into me with an assertion that I really liked. As he did me I found that I was leaning more and more forward until my tummy was on the fallen tree and my knees only a couple of inches form the ground. My hand hurt as I put it to the ground and right on some holly, I moved it hardly noticing as the barrage on my behind continued.

Ian held his cock deep in me in some short thrusts and I figured he was coming. He held my rear in his hands and pulled out of me, his helmet still hard which stretched me once more. I was surprised at his hardness still as I caught my breath, rubbing some feeling back into my front from where it had been pressed on the bark. I turned round to see Ian’s smile, still as proud and filthy looking as before. He was crouched down on his knees so still I could not see his cock. He lifted my shirt looked at my cock, soft as it gets when I am fucked. He put his mouth straight to it and although not hard, it is no less sensitive. I gasped as he sucked me, my legs locked solid. His tongue flapped me round in his mouth as it found the underside of my tip and licked me hard there. Without any more warning I came and I felt my come run from my cock into his mouth, he slurped and squelched as he pulled back on my like a lolly, my flaccid cock stretching out in his grip.

He stayed in place for a short moment and then looked up at me. “Delicious,” he reported like he was giving the verdict on a fancy meal, “Now you kneel here.” He moved aside a little and for the first time I saw a picnic blanket on the ground. Again I did as I was asked and knelt down, happy that my trousers would not get dirty on the earthy floor. As Ian stood up I finally got to see his cock, about 6 inches a similar length to me, but with ease one of the thickest I have ever seen. I felt a perverse sense of pride that I had taken him at all! He had already pulled off his condom and there was a scent on him which I put down the remnants of his lube. I opened my mouth keen to taste him and lick his incredible member. Like when he fucked me, my lips stretched over his cock with a slight difficulty, but then felt the ease of his thinner shaft. Unfortunately thought his helmet was just too big and so I could not relax into blowing him constantly fighting the urge to gag on him. He rewarded my efforts with some gentle pushes between my lips, there was no denying the thrill of being fucked by his lovely dick – at either end! Then he pulled back and held himself about a foot away from my face.

“Thank you, young man,” he said in this formal manner and I thought for a minute that he was about to leave. To my relief though he wasn’t as he added, “Now it is my turn!” there was a turn in his tone, a more obvious hint of urgency. He wrapped his fingers round his cock and wanked it in front of me. I was surprised by his action, but was turned on more and more as his wanking became frantic. He held his breath and his spare hand reached out for my hair. He held me firmly in place as he put his tip to my lips and face. I opened my mouth but cold not move to get him in so I braced for the inevitable. His body tensed and I saw a line of his come fly from the tip and the felt its warmth as it hit my cheek. Then another, this time hitting my cheek with enough force that I saw it fly upwards and away in a ricochet. I quickly lost count of the spermy blasts, but very grateful for a couple of spurts that landed in my mouth. I tasted what I could and then as a finale, with his cock finally softening I noticed, he rubbed his tip around my lips and face. He let go of my hair and sank onto his cock eagerly. Semi hard he fitted in with ease this time and I sucked him tasting his last drops as I drew them from him onto my tongue.

No sooner had I finished him, he pulled away and with a rush similar to his earlier company his clothes were straight and he was on his way. Graciously he handed me a handkerchief as he passed me.

“Thanks ever so,” he said over his shoulder, “I would love to do this again some time!”

I spent a minute getting straight myself, mopping plenty of come from my face with his hanky and savouring the blows of col air on my soft, wet cock. Finally I got up and dressed properly and picking up our discarded wrappings and so on I headed back to my car. I was worried at first when I saw something stuck to my window, fearful of getting caught out at a cruising site, but it was a note from Ian introducing himself and thanking me again, he left me his number so we could get in touch more easily next time I was in the mood for some fun.