Written by trainman

20 Dec 2010

When I was in my late 20's I called in a cottage in the centre of Macclesfield one day round lunchtime. I'd been to aq business meeting all morning and was feeling really horny.

There was only one cubicle at the far end of the toilet and when I walked in the door was closed. I unzipped and stood at the piss stones slowly wanking. The door opened slightly and I could see a tall guy standing inside playing with his big cock and lovely heavy balls but just then two other guys came in for a piss. They were chatting away and obviously not visiting for the same reasons as me. I didn't want to hang about in there so went back to my car across the road.

I sat back put a gay mag on the passenger seat unzipped my fly and got my cock out. I started to stroke my cock and covered it with a newspaper, all the time checking the mirror and looking round.....it was so horny wanking in public sat in the car. I was only a few minutes from the main shopping street in the town centre. I kept looking back at the cottage hoping to see the guy from the cubicle come out.

After a few minutes I noticed in the mirror him coming out of the toilets. He walked towards my car so I let down the passenger window and as he passed I had the mag open on the passenger seat and was leaning over it. I'd moved the newspaper so if he looked in he'd see me wanking. He stopped next to the car ... he'd obviously seen the mag, leant into the window and said 'Hi, that looks interesting'. I didn't know whether he meant the mag or my cock. 'May I get in?' he asked. I opened the door and he picked up the mag, sat inside and flicked through the pages. I'd put my cock away but hadn't zipped up. I was even harder now than when I'd been wanking. He looked at the young studs and muscles guys in the mag, looked over at me then pointing to a picture of a guy naked except for workboots said, 'They're very nice, but I'd love to see you dressed like that, you're very sexy'. I thought I'd come in my pants I was so turned on by the whole thing. Sat in public, a sexy guy flicking through a mag of naked studs as shoppers walked by, me with a raging hard on being seduced by him.

'I've got some boots like that' I told him. 'Well when are you going to let me see you in them? he asked.

We made a date for later that week - neither of us had time right then for more than a grope at each others covered cocks but even that was so sexy, in the car, broad daylight. I could feel precum oozing from my cock as he touched me.

I'll tell you what happened later.

Let me know if this is your thing.