Written by Scotslut

5 Apr 2008

Well for you horny guys who took the time to post and ask for an update on what I have been up to since my gang bang in the woods, here goes. I took a trip down very soon after my cum fest looking for more cock to lick suck and fuck. The woods were dead so I moved on to an underpass that had caught my eye as a possibility. Lo and behold this seems to be THE place here in my area to get fucked as no longer had I sat in the lay by than 2 cars pulled up. Being so turned on from knowing what could happen I got out first and went to the underpass, I heard a car door close behind me and knew I would get what I was looking for. I stood in the dark shadow of the tunnel and begun stroking myself in anticipation. A figure soon appeared in the walkway and stopped as he saw me, I could see from the street lights on the road he had his cock in his hand and was playing with it. Not wanting to mess around as I knew the other car could be anyone I went over and spent about 30 secs rubbing his long cock until it was a long thick cock and then as I knew he was fully erect, knelt down and took him into my longing mouth. His cock was so hard it was obvious he was enjoying it. Then he suddenly pulled out and stepped away. As I wondered what was going on he shoved his cock back in my mouth and said its ok I know him. I was so busy enjoying his shaft fucking my mouth that I forgot about the other car. The other guy walked staight over to us and began to take his cock out when the guy I was sucking off slipped his hand over his balls and I thought here we go, second experience and second open air orgy. As the new guy got harder the first guy took his wet leaking totem pole out of my eager mouth and guided his friends into it. I was licking his head and shaft expecting to have another cock to lick at the same time but what a pleasent surprise I got when the first guy moved round behind me and undid my belt, my trousers dropped easily to the path and he ever so slowly followed them with my shorts. He was still long and thick because I felt him squeeze his bulging cock into my begging hole. I almost took the other guys balls into my mouth I was so excited. I could hear the rush hour traffic passing overhead and was so turned on by the fact that I was only metres away with two guys totally using me to satisfy their lust. My mouth was soon filled with that hot tasty juice and my ass was still being probed and pounded so well that I shot my load a few secs later. Seeing how much I loved getting my mouth filled with cum the guy fucking me moved round to get his worth at my face and soon covered me in his spurting tastieness. As soon as I got back to my car I thought \\\\\\\" I must have been crazy to have been straight all this time\\\\\\\" So with that in mind I have been visiting my new found hotspots regularly.