Written by sacha

17 Dec 2009

Early Last friday morning I met Simon at my local swimming pool where he came on to me and seduced me into gay sex seduced maybe..... more willing participant really! im discovering things about myself my probable latent homosexuality

friday and saturday we exchanged increasingly horny illicit texts i kept my phone on vibrate and every time in went off in my pocket i felt a hot flush and my cock hardened

i slipped off to read his latest text trying to text him back while wanking.

Saturday evening he told me he was going to GAY to meet a guy at 11pm he sent me a picture of another guy sucking his cock then another of him taken from above of him fucking a guy from behind leaning him over a toilet with the message your next

i seemed to be permanently aroused my cock ached i was so turned on.

Sunday morning I woke with my wife nuzzling me stroking my erection she whispered in my ear 'your happy this morning' i turned on my back she climbed on top of me guiding my erection into her warm cunt I closed my eyes all i could think about was Simon sucking his cock then pushing my legs apart entering feeling his strong arms around me silding his hard cock into me I want him to cum in me feel his passion the thought made me wild with desire I felt myself cumming i opened my eyes to see my wife her hands behind head writhing on my cock her orgasm building to a crescendo

She climbed off smiling went off to the shower leaving me in bed wet sticky and slightly guilty.

I turned on my phone 3 messages 2 from Simon I open them in trepidation even though ide just cum i felt my cock twitch, the first was a picture of his cock his fingers round the shaft foreskin pulled right back a bead of precum shining on the head the second asking if i was still cumming i texted back simply 'yes'