Written by pantypaul

30 Dec 2009

Another day off, tights on, rock hard reading more horny stories, then a bit of men on men action on the computer. Finally talking to a horny bloke till I filled my tights with fresh cum. " Dont hang up he said". So we chatted and arranged to meet the following day.I got to his house ,rang the bell and this guy about 50 answered the door dressed in cut off denims which left nothing to the imagination. It looked huge. "Hi" he said as I entered the house, the tv was on and there was two guys on the tv sucking each other. Started without me I see, I've been horny all day. We both sat down and got our cocks out and started to rub ourselves. I couldnt help but look over to his it was huge, must have been at least 8/9 inches long. Mine is only 6/7 inches but was now rock hard. He got from his chair and knelt in front of me and took hold of it and kissed the tip of it. Sticking his tongue down the eye to taste my precum, I was near exploding point, he must have sensed this and stopped. "Lets go upstairs" I followed him and he sat on the end of the bed, his cock wass still erect so I knelt in front of him and gently kissed the tip of it, licking his bellend, then opened my mouth and slid it in very slowly. First the head then about 4 inches of it, it was silky and tasted great. I was now wanking him with my mouth his precum tasted sweet as I sucked it out of him.He pulled out of my mouth and lay down on the bed so we lay in a 69 on our sides. Straight away I had his cock in my mouth and he was sucking on mine, I was very close and so was he. He placed one hand on my head and pushed me on to it, more and more going in my mouth, then he convulsed and shot his spunk deep in to my mouth I was swallowing like mad not wanting to waste any, I had not noticed my own orgasm as he was wanked me off. {does not swallow on a first meet] I sucked him clean taking in every drop,tasted beautiful. We chatted and I got dressed and went home. Still need more practice |I think. What do you think???????????????????????????