Written by rajhaisen

8 Feb 2012

I joined a gym a few months ago, wanted to shed a few pounds and get into shape.

I am a 27 your old boy, slim build, 5ft10. In gyms, you will only normally find men who are generally young and also generally quite muscular. Those were not the type of men that I was into. I am attracted only to older men, in their 50s, 60s, or 70s, who are stocky and very cuddly. Sweet old men are usually no where to be seen in the gym, I wish they were. To my surprise, one day I walked into the changing rooms, and was undressing my clothes so that I was stripped to the towel ready to get into the showers, and I noticed suddenly this old guy suddenly getting changed on the other side. He looked about my height, or slightly taller, nice white hair with slight ball patch at the back; very nice rounded physique and the sort of guy you can wrap your arms around and cuddle very easily. He took his shirt off as it was sweaty, so that his shorts remained and revealed his sightly textured white hair around his chest and also his spongy love handles hanging down on either side. My attention was completely focused and i was shocked with shivers going down my spine, and then he takes his shorts off, quite quickly revealing his full arse and leaving himself completely naked. I couldn't help myself, I immediately grew a large erection and you can see a bulge out of my towel. I was worried some of the other men might notice, but luckily no one was nearby. I was afraid the gentle old man might see me too... in some ways worried in case he may be straight and in others ways I wished he would notice my cock and be happy that its gone hard due to his presence. He started using the towel to bend over and dry his inner thighs very slowly, meanwhile, his large bullocks were rocking from side to side with his thick cock also moving around gently. I can tell he was enjoying drying himself due to how slowly he done it. I think he wanted some attention too. In an ideal world, I kept thinking to myself, I wish he'd just come over, strip me naked and start playing with me - that's all i could think about.

After a few of the other men went away, it was only me and him remaining in the same square of lockers. He suddenly dropped his glasses on the floor, and it fell about a metre from me. I took the opportunity to pick it up and give it to him. As I went to pick it up, I got a full frontal view of his naked body from the waist to the hanging balls right down to his feet. I picked it up, and he looked at me with a smile and said "Oh thank you boy, very kind of you. I can't see much without these". I responded with "You're welcome, hope its not broken". And then he said "well, if in front me is a very fit boy, then these glasses still work!". I grinned with a slight blush and then walked towards to showers to get washed up. As I walked I can feel him slowly walked behind me, but i weren't' show where he was heading. I walked into a shower booth, next door to the booth labelled Staff. After putting on the water, I noticed that a man went into the Staff shower next door. I also happened to notice, that the glass between my shower and the staff room was largely transparent from the belly downwards so you can quite clearly see the entire lower half of the body. I can make out, that it was the same old guy in the shower as i could make out his bullocks and cock, and now I was really getting excited. As I showered, I was gently rubbing some lotion on my body but i didn't see him move at all, and his shower was still turned off. Looking at the upper half of his body, i can just about see that his head seemed to be facing in my direction and this thought gave me in instant erection. I have a feeling his simply looking at me rubbing lotion on my body, knowing this, i started rubbing it a bit more slowly and beginning to work on my bullocks. I noticed as i did this, that he began to turn on his tap, just to give the impression that he was starting to shower - but i can tell that he still was looking observantly at me. Feeling completely hot at this thought, I started seductively rubbing lotion around my legs and turning my body around so that my ass is directly facing him. Then I continued showering, and then suddenly.. something happened... I noticed the wall dividing my room from the old man's started to move outwards.. 2 seconds later, i hear a voice saying "May I join you son", as he said this.. I see his body slowly coming into my room and the wall rotating sideways until it was touching the old man's shower door. My goodness!!!! There he was, fully naked and taking a full scan of my body from toes up to my cock and then straight into my eyes ... In complete shock and excitement, I responded with "how did you do that?" and he said "The staff showers are designed to expand if you want extra space to manoeuvre around and they are safely locked so that I don't need to worry.... I was speechless and just stared at him... but he knew that my speechlessness was a sign that i more than likened his presence, further confirmed by my rock hard erection pointing in horizontally in his direction... He confidently moved towards me and started to hold my hands .. holding my left hand with his right, and then used his left hand to gently stroke the back of my arse and slowly grip it... i was fully cooperating and letting him take full owernship of my body and make all decisions for me... in 10 seconds or so, after he smiled at me again he moved in and started to kiss me...and this was unlike anything i have felt... i continued kissing him.. and we were doing this for a good while whilst also caressing each others body with our hands... later he started to move his left hand onto my cock and stroking it whilst kissing me.... he spent a good while playing with each other, a good 5-10 mins... I then moved down and finally grabbed his juicy and now fully erect cock into my mouth and let it slip right into my throat... after a good 5 mins or so of gentle sucking... he shot a huge load into my mouth and held my head with both his hands.... I had his cum over my lips and down my chin.. He then got me to stand up, and started to kiss me and then started to stroke my cock... after about 20 seconds of kissing i suddenly burst out with a huge load into his belly as he leaned my cock against his body allowing the remaining juice to be squeezed out... He smiled at me, and said "Good boy... you are wonderful", and then we kissed again. We washed each other off, and then as it was a quiet period of time, i slowly sneaked out to the shower next door, and washed myself off independently... whilst he put the wall back into its place so that the staff shower was now separate from the public one. On my way out, he slipped his phone number into my pocket, and told me that I can find him here any weekday as he works here, but to call him before coming to the gym. I dried up, and put my clothes back on and felt very very relieved.. oh wow... and they say dreams don't come true... i look forward to calling him again.. and again.. and again!!!