Written by smoothwelshboy2

24 Nov 2012

This story started on a holiday in Spain where my wife, who's shaved, dared me to go nude sunbathing.

A few weeks later I was working in London and she decided to dare me and at the time I had no idea what it would lead to.

The dare was simple. I had to go to a nudist spa in Kentish town and spend at least an hour there fully naked. So I finished work went back to my hotel room and made sure that my cock, balls and ass were fully shaved. When I turned up at the spa I went to the changing room where there a few guys walking around with towels on. I got undressed and keeping up with the dare, walked out the changing room with my towel over my shoulder and my newly shaved cock on full view. I'd never done that before and the thought of the other spa users, both men and women looking at my body, started to give me a semi hard on.

I walked around the spa, spending some time in the sauna before I ended up in one of the steam rooms - remembering to leave my towel outside. It was a little dark and there was one other user in there. I sat about 3 foot away from him and closed my eyes. Before long I was aware that he had moved closer to me - keeping my eyes closed I opened my legs and moved myself forward on the seat so that my cock was on full view and my balls were dangling. He started to touch me. First I felt his hand on my nipples then he started to kiss my neck and move his hand onto the inside of my thigh. Moving his hand slowly up to my cock and balls, cupping my balls in his hands, before moving to stroke my shaft. The feeling was amazing. I was only supposed to be showing my body and not indulging in sex with anyone, let alone a man!

After a few minutes of him stroking and kissing me the kissing stopped - oh no I thought he had given up. But no - he moved his mouth straight to my cock and took the whole length in in one go. My wife gives a good blow job but this guy was somethingelse. For the next 2 minutes he sucked my cock expertly - stopping only, momentarily, when man and woman came to joint us. He carried on with them watching and the thought of someone else watching me receive a blowjob was make my cock extra hard.

He stopped, got up and kissed me full on the lips, and I could taste my own precum. Then he asked me if I wanted to go to one of the private rooms. Remember I've never done this before I got up and followed him as if I was in a daze.

We walked into one of the rooms and he locked the door. We kissed for a few minutes while we both touched each others cocks. Then he told me what he wanted me to do. I stood up but put one leg up on the bench in the room. He went down on my cock and sucked it - at the same time playing with my balls. Slowly he moved his hands to the back of my sack and started to get closer to my anus. I knew what he was going to do but I was powerless to stop him. Slowly but surely he started to push his thumb up my anus.

So now he started to suck my cock harder and faster, while fucking my ass with his thumb and it wasn't long before I came. He took it all in his mouth, pulled his thumb out and stood up. Then the next thing was just amazing.

He kissed me fully on the lips and as I opened my mouth to receive his tongue I got a mouth full of my spunk. I've never tasted spunk before and it tasted fantastic. Then he told me to bend over and he wanted to lick my ass.

I bent over and before long he was working his tongue around my anus before moving to stick his tongue inside. My wife doesn't really like licking my ass but this guy was magic. As my ass got wetter he pushed his tongue further and further in - I reached back to pull my cheeks apart to give him more access. And then he stopped!

He stood up and I felt his hands on my hips and he moved closer to me. Before I knew what was happening I felt the tip of his cock at my anus and he was pushing, and I wasn't saying no. After a few, and painful thrusts - it was my first time. I soon had the full 9 inches of his cock buried deep in my ass. He pulled away for what seemed like ages before I felt him tense up and shoot is load into me.

Slowly he pulled his cock out and after a few seconds I felt his cum beginning to come out of my anus - at which point we started to lick my anus again - swallowing his own spunk.

And then he walked out.

That was the first of a few encounters that evening