Written by Harry_22

12 Nov 2012

I saw a guy on line who said that he has a glory hole in his house. When his wife is away, he puts an alternate door in his under the stairs cupboard for when he has a group of lads over. I have always enjoyed glory holes and as we all know they are just few and far between nowadays let alone safe! This chap lived too far north for an obvious visit

I pulled into the layby and waited for about 20 minutes wondering if I had the right place. My wondering was answered when a few drawn out minutes later a car pulled in behind me and dipped its lights a few times, then pulled in front of me and pressed on the brake lights two times as well. I flashed my lights in answer and then as the car pulled away, I followed. I love the evenings getting darker earlier, making these kinds of meetings just much more available. I followed this large BMW for a few miles, I know the area and new exactly where it would be leading me.

After about 10 minutes more driving we pulled into an empty car park, dark trees and bushes obscuring the view from the road. My heart started to race a bit as it always does before a meeting. The drivers door opened and a large man got out and came over to my window. He smelt freshly showered as the cool night air came in as I opened the window and my eyes met with him rubbing his cock through his jeans.

“Evening,” I said with a grin, “are you alone? I thought you said you were with a bloke?”

“He said for me to go ahead,” he answered in a low voice, “he's a bit shy!” He pulled on his belt and undid his jeans, “but I am not!” he laughed and slid them down with his pants to reveal his cock.

I could make it out in the poor light as his pale cock was framed by the dark mass of his pubes, his shirt dropped to cover it up and he pulled it up and out of the way. I was pleased to see it twitching to life and I reached out to take a hold of it. Warm to my touch, it stiffened even quicker and soon I was awkwardly wanking his shaft, my knuckles knocking into him and my finer tips nudging his balls. I asked him to step back as I opened the door so that I could swing my legs out. He moved around it and I opened my legs so that he could get near to the car and his cock could get near to my mouth. I eagerly parted my lips and let his hard cock in. He fitted easily in my mouth, about 5 slim inches I reckon, and my nose was soon being tickled by his wiry pubes and I took him all in. He groaned and I felt my own cock twitch, it excites me to pleasure people and I fumbled to rub it as I sucked him.

From the corner of my eye I saw movement, his companion had got out of the car and the noise told me he was behind this guy now. I could hear clothes noise and could just make out that he was grappling the guy in my mouth, his hands up his shirt somewhere. There was a smacking noise and my guy yelped a little. He leant forward to brace himself on the roof of the car making me bend a bit uncomfortably. His body flinched to the sound of more smacking and his groans were getting louder. His cock was responding too and while I was bent awkwardly to keep my mouth on his cock, it did make it easier to get my hand up to cup him balls. He groaned even more at this touch so I pressed with my finger tips onto his perineum. His body seized then and I heard a voice tell him,

“Yeah, spunk in his mouth!”

He followed the instruction and his hot juice shot into my mouth, I locked onto it and pulled it with my mouth, sucking his come from him. He tasted good and soon I had a nice gooey mouthful. He began to soften instantly and I let him fall my mouth, clumsily letting a string of come run down my chin. I licked up what I could and rubbed the rest with a finger. The I swallowed his horny lot.

“Lovely.” the second guy said and as the first stepped aside he moved in to take his place. His cock was already out and hard I noticed. He moved without hesitation and I merrily took his hard helmet into my mouth. I groaned this time as he was much bigger than the first chap, definitely thicker, but not so much that it was difficult to get my lips round. He was long though and I found out straight away that I would not take him all, I gagged and so put my hand round the base to stop it going in so far.

“Mmmm, suck it!” he told me and I did, using the suction to pull him hard into my mouth while I worked my tongue over and under his helmet, “yeeeaaaah” he said slowly and gruffly. In no time he announced that he was going to come. I lifted my hands to his arse to bring him off in my mouth, but her moved my hands away. Instead he pulled out of my mouth and I heard him wanking his cock in front of my face. Then two hands landed atop my head and held me still, but still I could hear the wanking noise. I twigged on that guy number one was wanking him off and then that I was about to get his load in my face.

“Yeah, come on,” I encouraged him and then a thick hot dollop hit my cheek and then the other and then my nose. In the dark, I has no warning and his rapid fire shots of spunk took me by surprise both by their force and the amount of them!

With a final groan, he finished and he moved back pulling his jeans back into place as he headed off.

“Cheers, Harry,” said the first guy also heading away, “See you soon.”

In the night air, the come on my face soon turned cold and some ran down my face. Breathing heavily I licked some from my lips as I pulled down the sun visor, I could not resist seeing my first proper facial. The light flicked on to show my face was nearly covered in jizz. I felt very dirty and used and I liked it, the only thing on my mind next was whether I rewarded myself there or waited (if I could!) till I got home!