Written by Liam

14 Oct 2011

I read that story about the young chap and the park in Darlington and oh how it brought back memories.I was young and had just discovered the joys of gloryhole sex,but up to that point I'd not ventured further than the wanking stage,I suppose I did'nt even realise that a young fit body was a dream come true for many of the older men I had provided hand relief to.

Unlike his problem of delayed ejaculaution I unfortunately had a slight problem with premature ejaculation and even though I needed to have my cock handled I could only take very short episodes of wanking before I would have to remove their hand and concentrate on their cock instead.

I can remember like it was yesterday the first time I had my cock sucked off,I'd had wanked off a couple of chaps and had put my cock through for what I thought would be a mini session.I was about to take my cock back to prevent ejaculation when I experienced the first warm wet sensation of my cock being taken into another mans mouth,all thoughts of retracting my cock disappeared and in no more than four or five long deep sucks I released more cum than wanking could have ever achieved.

It was in Darlington that I first experienced the joy of wearing female undies in a public toilet.I'd gone in for what I thought would be just some regular cock fun and eventually have my own cock sucked off,I had already mastered the art of cock sucking and had learned to be selective,some cocks I would eagerly suck off but there was the occasional exception that I was only willing to wank off.

As I pushed the door closed(there was of course no locks)I found a carrier bag hanging on the back which contained a set of brand new bra and briefs,they were unwrapped but the wrapping was still with them,whoever had left them had obviously worn them for a session and then just left them there.Even though I had seen a number of chaps wearing them during a sex session I had never thought about wearing them myself,I liked being completely naked.

I knew I was being watched through the gloryhole as I stripped off,that always got me hard,it took me a couple of minutes to work out how to get the bra on,but just doing it seemed to enhance the hardness of my cock.The briefs were obviously not made to contain a cock but the softness of the material encasing my balls made it so clear why other chaps wore them.

The cock from next door was already through the gloryhole urgently needing my attention,within the next five minutes I sucked off my first cock dressed in female undies,I was hooked.

Over the next couple of weeks my actions became more and more daring,progressing from wanking and sucking at the gloryholes to sharing a cubicle with another naked man and enjoying full body to body sex and then spending time in the public part of the toilet wearing just female undies meeting the needs of a lot of older gentlemen,many of them wearing their wedding rings.

I remember Darlington.