13 Jul 2015

Darren and I had been wank buddies many years ago, on sleepovers we would share fantasies and wank off, sometimes wanking each other but not many times. Back in the day we had shared an interest in undies and would often pilfer some to wear in bed when either of us slept over. I had not seen him for about 10 years when, a few years back now, he got in touch on Facebook and our friendship resumed with ease.

It transpired that he had recently divorced and we soon spent a lot of time chatting on line and every now and then chat would drift close to reminiscing about certain times in the past when everything was so much simpler. I could not agree more as I was not happily married at that time and it was very easy to turn back the clock in my head too.

After a really bad week at work I suffered a long drawn out weekend of my wife rowing with me; the details were never that severe, but the brief moments of happiness and laughter we shared were increasingly being outnumbered by the bad times. By Tuesday the following week we sat down and agreed that she would go away for a couple of weeks; a mixture of a work trip and time for us both to get our heads straight. Interestingly we fucked that night, the first time in about 3 months and the next day she went off to work early and so began our break.

I instantly booked some time off work for myself and after a couple of hard days clearing my desk, I finished at half past five on Thursday and got home to shower and have a cold beer, naked at the kitchen table, in some weird hint of rebellious freedom! Free and simple, the words echoed through my mind and I jumped on line, hoping to catch Darren on line to boast my situation. It was too early in the day though and instead I browsed some porn and wanked myself, slowly and teasingly moving from room to room in the house as the mood took me.

I felt almost embarrassed when Darren signed in and asked what I was so excited about – I had sent him several ‘where are you’ messages by that point. After I brought him up to speed there seemed to be along pause and I found my heart racing as watched the little dialogue box, desperate to see ‘Darren is typing…’

‘so what are you wearing?’ he enquired and my heart leapt.

‘Naked’ I replied.

“Are you lonely?’ he said with a smiley face and I replied honestly, ‘no, but I would be interested in some company!’

My cock was hard in my hand, I was amazed at how horny I felt and my heart continued to pound in my chest as we arranged for him to come down after work on Friday. I wanked off that night while we chatted on line, before he signed off, he wanted an early start so could blag an early finish the following day.

Darren lived about two hours from me, but he text me lunchtime on Friday saying that he would be arriving around six o’clock if that was okay with me? I was excited like a school boy wishing the time would pass faster and really curious as to why I was so wound up. He arrived in good time as it turned out and we embraced in a back clapping hug, it was really good to see him after all this time. He brought in a couple of boxes of beer from his car and we sipped eagerly on two bottles as we repeated over and over how good it was to see each other.

We had a takeaway and were a fair few beers in, sitting at the little table in the kitchen. The question flew in out the blue, though we had talked a bit about our sex lives, or lack there of!

“So do you still wear knicks?” he asked.

I blushed hot red in response and let out a croaky, “What er, no!” Darren just laughed.

“You certainly have got no better at lying!” we clinked beers and laughed. “You know,” he continued, his tone turning serious, “I got so hard chatting last night.” While I was feeling awkward he held a confidence about him, “I just relived all those sleepovers we used to have!” and another clink of our bottles and then our voices dropped really quiet.

“Did you ever fool around with guys after that?” I wanted to call out my inbuilt response to deny, but the more I tried to think about what to reply, my lips twisted into a smile.

“Maybe,” I answered with a giggle. The beer was helping me, us both to relax and it was clear at last what direction we were heading in.

“Haha,” he said, “so no regrets then?”

I shook my head, no, but he could tell there was more. The beer was getting me into deep water.

“What?” he asked gently.

“I always wish we had done more,” I mumbled

“Oh my god,” he breathed, “like what?”

“Not here,” I said, “Let’s got to bed… like a sleepover!”

It was about nine o’clock and pitch black in the bedroom. I was under the duvet and I heard bottles clinking as Darren came up the stairs. He put the beers on the chest of drawers by the window and then went to the loo. He pulled the light off as he came back into the bedroom and I caught a glimpse of his body, broad like in his youth though a little more filled out now, and his cock I caught a flash, standing proud as he turned to the bed. In the darkness he fumbled to the bed and I pushed the covers down to let him in.

In dark silence I was nervous as much as I was excited and neither of us spoke so that our breathing seemed amplified in the room. We lay on our backs, and the duvet rustled as his hand explored in my direction. I gasped as his hand touched my leg and then slid up to my stomach. The angle was awkward and he shifted his weight to his side, facing me, he ran his hand over my chest and to my neck before sliding down in one easy motion to my hard on. He closed his fingers round the base and then his whole hand around my shaft. I gasped and flinched, but my body and mind registered this as the final signal that this was really happening! I reached for his cock and my fingers banged off it once before I settled into a gentle grip around him.

“You are so big,” I whispered, I stroked his length and my hand was only an inch or so from my body at his tip, “I always thought I just remembered it that way!” We both laughed and I felt tension leaving us.

“That feels good,” he told me as I slowly wanked him. He had stopped wanking me in favour of the attention, but I did not mind. Then more urgently he told me, “oh, too good!” and he pushed my hand away. “That was close!”

“Please,” I said softly, “Let me make you come?”

“Oh, Harry,” he breathed and rolled flat to his back. I moved in close to him, my hard on pressing into his leg. I rubbed his chest and found his nipples and played my fingers around them. I wished for a better position as my other arm was stuck beneath me. I did not want to neglect them, but I let them be in order to wander my hand back to his proud cock. Propping myself up I easily got into a nice wanking rhythm and Darren’s arm came up under me, holding me close. I could feel the tension in his body and he used his arm to pull me down, my face to chest and I took the lick and nibble on his nipple.

As soon as I made contact, he moaned out and there was a swell in my hand, his legs locked and he started to gasp and grunt.

“Oh, god, oh, god, oh yyyeessss!” he cried as his cock twitched in my grip and wet hear ran out over my hand. I heard the loose thud of globs of come hit his stomach and even a warm sensation on my arm where he had shot. He stayed hard in my hand and stoked him gently until his breathing subsided, careful not to run too much on his supersensitive tip.

“Oh shit, Harry,” he said breaking the quiet as he held me close to him still. “That was great.” He breathed heavily for a few seconds, maybe thinking, maybe just recovering.

“Your turn now,” he said, “Will you wank off?”

“God yes,” I answered, “I am so horny!”

“Oh fuck,” he replied, “Come on then do it!” He moved me away and at the same time eased my body up and I was crouching over his legs, my heavy balls sitting an inch or so lower than his softened cock. With a brief glint of light I saw him raise his arms and put his hands behind his head, “Wank on me, Harry! Come on!”

My hand slid instinctively around my cock and it felt good to be tugging it again, “Come on,” he urged me, “Fuck yes, wank it Harry!” I was not used to this level of encouragement, but I liked it and I wanked harder and harder till my legs pinched on him, “Yes, come on, spunk on me!”

With a deep groan I unleashed my hot wads of come on him, wishing it was light so I could see my come fly. My noises were echoed by Darren who carried on, “Fuck yes, shoot it up me, get it all over me, oh lovely!”

I was a heaving mess when I finally fell to the bed beside him, hot and sweaty and feeling the euphoria.

I wanted to get up, but his arm latched onto me once more and he held me close as we both lie there letting our bodies catch up with us,