Written by Ian

25 May 2018

I was at home during the day feeling horny. So I slipped on some stockings and a thong and proceeded to have a slow wank watching some tranny porn streamed onto the tv from my pc. My cock was rock hard and I was enjoying my slow wank watching 2 trannies and a guy suck and fuck each other. Then the door bell rang. I jumped up and quickly removed the stockings and put on my dressing gown which was to hand. I paused the porn and went to answer the door, hoping it would just look like I was getting out of the shower or something.

I opened the door and it was a delivery guy with a large parcel for me. He was a well built muscley guy with a tight t shirt and as it was warm he had shorts on which were also quite tight. He certainly had a good body. My cock was still rock hard but obscured by my dressing gown. He passed the parcel to me which was big but not heavy - I took it from him and turned to put it into the hallway. When I turned back round I hadn't noticed but my dressing gown had come loose and he could see my rock hard cock poking out of the small thong I had on. He handed me the machine to sign. When he did he said - that looks good - I looked up and he was staring at my dressing gown. I was embarrassed but then the TV decided to unpause itself as it does sometimes. There were the tell tale noises of fucking and sucking. That sounds good he said - can I see. I said yes as I was feeling horny and wondering where this was going to lead. Ok I said and he stepped inside giving my cock a little touch as he walked into the house. once in the living room he saw the stockings on the settee and said - put them back on if you like. I picked them up and turned my back to him and slipped them back on. When I turned round he had taken out his huge cock and was wanking watching me and the porn. Take the gown off he said so I did as I was told. Sit down he said so I did. HE then came over to me and held the back of my head as he stood in front of me. His cock was huge - about 8 inches and rock hard. His pants were down now and his shaven balls looked like they hadnt been emptied for weeks. He stated to fuck my mouth forcing his cock deep inside taking long slow strokes. HE called me a dirty bitch saying he was going to fuck me crazy when he was ready. I was rock hard and horny and played with my cock as I sucked on his huge member. He then told me to kneel on all fours "you dirty bitch" he said. He grabbed the bottle of baby oil I had been using to wank with and smeared some all over my arse then inserted a finger inside and with a circular motion opened me up a little. He then knelt behind me and drove his cock into my tight hole and fucked me for what seemed like ages. After a while he pulled out and told me to kneel in front of him. He held my head again and wanked his cock close to my mouth making me lick it as he did. Soon he made me sit on the edge of the sofa and wanked himself all over my hard cock and balls telling me to wank fast as he did. When he came all over my cock and stockings he came a bucket full of spunk. Then when he was empty he dropped to his knees and sucked hard on my cock. It didn't take long before I shot my load deep into his throat and he drank the lot. He then just got up, pulled his pants up told me to order something else and next time he delivered it he would have a surprise for me.

Would love to do it again so if there are any willing pretend delivery men out there let me know.