Written by William

26 Jun 2016

If u saw my last escaped u would see that my gay encounters are really few and far

I'm married with children and have a great life

But the devil burns in me and having shagged my friends partner I decided to walk away from the life. It's easy to say but I was being nagged by something.

I was on the net looking at X hamster porn one afternoon and an ad popped up for a gay black site. I went further in and it was a site to meet black/Asian guys . I put my likes in ( bored ) as I was and left a my number as a contact. And forgot about it...

My phone beeped and I had a direct message from a local guy who was looking for meets ( meat ) and I came up as suitable.

I thought for a day about it then decided to reply .His name was Adam and was a student at Brunel uni etc

To be fair I was very curious.

We did the intros online and spent a while between messages then one night Aftwr being on vodka mailed Adam drunk with my mobile and said what number and let's ramp up

boom !!

We arranged to meet in Uxbridge and I was a bit worried about some nutter and he would be nothing like his profile.

I sat in the cafe and he texted me saying he was at the door and could I see him...

Fucking hell !!! See him. I couldn't see the sky behind him . He was huge and cut. I had to move this on ....