Written by W4c

2 Jul 2016

.. " so Adam ". What u studying at uni ? I said pathetically. He was a sports student and had been in England about 3 years. He had a soft French accent and deep brown eyes. Bored with chat now " so. How does this work then ?" He suggested a hotel as he wasn't to enamoured with taking a 50 yr old to his digs. I made my way to the travelodge and booked a room as I was on " business ". Bed. Check. Shower. Check. Horny for black cock. Check !!

I texted Adam and waited. I stripped off and put a towel around my waist. Looking in the mirror , stomach doing leapfrogs. . Not bad for my age. There was a knock

I opened the door and welcomed him. I made talk about how bad I was and turned to see this huge toned guy stroking his massive cock. And I mean massive. He smiled at me and looked at it. Fuck this. I'm going in. I pushed him back in the bed and clamped my mouth on his tip and started to pull his beast. OMG! It was a proper mouthful and it was lovely. I sucked really hard and pulled him fast then slow and fast. He was moaning " speak French " I commanded. Adam happily obliged muttering in Galic. I licked his shaft down to his balls and flicked a cheeky rim. Now that he really enjoyed . He stood up and pushed me into my knees as I continued to suck furiously at his ebony shaft. Then he pushed me into the bed on all fours and went behind me. I felt him pull my arise cheeks apart and then his tounge was in my Arse. Jeeeez this boy was filth. He continued to rim me and pulled on my cock thst was so hard I thought it would burst. Then I was time. He went to his wallet and put on a condom. No lube was needed as I was already wet with his saliva. I felt the tip I'm my Arse then a gradual enter and rhythm. Iwiwowowow. It hurts but damm it was good. We swapped positions and generally got stuck right into each other all afternoon. We finished off in the shower with me gloriously wanking him off until he shot all over my face. I returned the compliment and we left for a coffee. I left him at Costa arranging to meet again and his promise of bringing a friend. To be cont....