Written by Leicester Man.

1 Apr 2011

I am not the macho type but I did'nt think for a second that I might be gay.Three years ago when I had just turned 19,I'd had a couple of short relationships with girls but I was'nt comfortable in them.I began to spend more and more time on my own,I'd moved away from home and was happy to spend time walking in the local countryside enjoying nature.

I was walking in a small wooded area,where I'd been several times before but had never seen anybody else there.On this occasion it was'nt that I met him,it was more spying him from a distance.My attention was drawn to a movement about 50 metres from me amongst some bushes,I became quickly aware that it was somebody standing in the bushes,at first I assumed he must be wearing a pair of shorts because I could see he was'nt wearing a top,for some reason I moved behind a tre and watched him.

At first I was'nt sure what I was looking at but then I could see clearly as he moved more into the open that he was naked,completely naked,he had his back turned to me,I was about to get out of there without being noticed when he turned around and I could'nt avoid seeing his cock which was standing straight up,even at that distance it looked big,not that I'd seen any standing cocks in real life but I had seen them on sites like this which I occasionally had a look at and which I'd always told myself was just a bit of natural curiousity.

I was transfixed,I watched as he moved about then stood in the open and started to move his hand up and down his cock,he was wanking himself.I was wearing shorts and a teeshirt,I found myself putting my hand on the front of my shorts and feeling my own cock,I could'nt stop what was happening,I was getting a hardon and before I realised what I was doing I had my hand inside my shorts feeling my cock getting harder and harder inside my briels.

He was about 40 or 50 years old and I watched as he walked around all the time wanking himself,I was aware of the movement of his balls as they moved up and down as he stroked himself.My hand was inside my briefs holding tightly on my now solid hard and jerking cock,I was being comsumed by the urge to wank.

It had'nt crossed my mind that he was aware of my presence and that I was meant to see what he was doing,at that time there was no reason why I should,I was tugging slowly on my cock,not exactly wanking myself but very close to it.I was suddenly overwhelmed by my sexual urges,I undid my shorts and along with my briefs pushed them down,just the sheer relief of my cock being freed was a pleasure in itself.

Convinced he could'nt see me I started to wank myself,how I needed that,I can never remember having such massive sexual urges,a girl had never done this to me,it was completely overwhelming,on the countless times I had wanked myself I had never felt like this,I'd always enjoyed bringing myself off but this was something else again,it was as if I'd become another me.

I moved from behind the tree to see what he was doing,he had moved much closer to me and was looking straight at me,he smiled at me and said,hiya young man I've seen you here a few times before,I wondered if you came for the same reason as most of us,at that stage I did'nt know that others came there.Let me see what you've got,I bet you've got a lovely cock there,he continued to walk towards me,I could see the swollen shiney moist head of his cock move in and out of his foreskin as he still wanked himself.

Yes that's a beauty he said as he now stood within touching distance,what do you like doing,do you take it or give it or are you up for both,I knew from reading on sex sites what he meant but it had never crossed my mind to do either.While my mind was still in a complete muddle he reached and moved my hand off my cock and took it in a gentle grip,I won't even attempt to describe that moment.

I made no attempt to stop him as he started to wank me with one hand as he wanked himself with the other.Suddenly it was as if the penny dropped with him,oh shit he said,its your first time,it is is'nt it,I nodded,enjoy it my friend he said this is one occasion you'll never forget,I'll be gentle with you just tell me if you want me to stop,why don't you take your gear off and relax and just let it happen.

As if in a trance I stripped naked,he took my hand and fixed my fingers around his large cock,moving it up and down starting me wanking him,he was right about that,I will never forget that first feel of the strength of another mans cock in my hand. Suddenly everything seemed to click,it was ok that I was being wanked by another man,it was much better than that I was loving it,recalling now when a girl put her hand inside my briefs and felt my cock it did nothing for me.

We stood there naked wanking each other,I copied what he was doing to me,when he held my balls in one hand and wanked me with the other I did the same for him,when he kissed and sucked gently on my nipples I reciprocated.Being my first time the moment suddenly overcame me and he instantly recogniised it,I was going to come off,he just whispered come on,come on,let it come.

He made no attempt to avoid my cum as it spurted onto his body and again in my inexperience I stopped wanking him as I came,with his free hand he took over wanking himself bringing himself off in seconds.When we'd both finished coming he picked up my gear and said lets go ovr to my clothes I've got some tissues to clean up with,walking naked with him that 50 metres or so back to his clothes was the most relaxed in my life.

Three years down the line I must admit though that gay sex with total strangers is still the thing I enjoy the most,I have discovered some other venues where you can strip naked,which is my thing,and explore what I and other men can do with our bodies.