Written by trainman

15 Jul 2010

One of my suck buddies used to work for in Education...so he had to be fairly discrete. He was switch like me and loved leather... harnesses, straps, cock rings, boots, jackets, jeans. Daytime he'd be in suit, tie. Evenings and wkends he was a cock slut and we used to cruise the cottages together.

A few times he'd have late night Governors meetings and we'd arrange that he'd call on me on the way home. He'd phone when he was on his way...about 15 mins notice and I'd get ready...put on a metal cock ring or leather cock strap, some tight nylon shorts and worn workboots. I'd do 10 mins press-ups to get my tits pumped up and watch some porn in anticipation...usually gloryhole cocks or jail scenario, often with leather wearing hunks.

When he arrived the front door would be open and I'd be sitting in the lounge in semi darkness watching porn, just the light from the TV illuminating the room. I'd hear him close the front door softly then I'd him from the corner of my eye standing in the doorway watching me and the TV, stroking himself through his trousers. When he was hard he'd come and stand in front of me, tell me to get up then grabbing my wrists, push my arms behind me and kiss me hard and deep. That always made my cock swell as he pushed his body against mine and ground his crotch into my nylon covered cock. Then he'd sit on the sofa, turn me to face him and order me to put my hands behind me, spreading my feet. It was such a turn on and so horny knowing he was a Headmaster...I felt like a naughty schoolboy who'd wandered in from the playing fields, in shorts and rugby boots and was going to be punished in the privacy of his office, where he could do anything and I couldn't protest.

He'd turn me slightly so he could watch the porn, one hand holding my wrists behind me firmly the other stroking my cock thru the thin nylon of the shorts. Leaning forwards he'd kiss the bulge, sniffing my cock and balls and lick and suck at the outlined shaft. Taking off his belt he'd tighten it round my wrists then slide the front of the shorts down to just under my balls, releasing my rigid cock to spring up into his face. Sniffing my shiny bell end I'd be aching for him to just take it in his mouth...but he was a tease as much as I was and made me wait. Leaving the shorts covering my arse but with the front pulled down my cock jutted out stiffly and my balls hung down. 'Now walk round the room for me' he'd say as he sat back, unzipped his cock and slowly wanked, watching me and the porn. I was so turned on and getting harder, being forced to parade around for this sophisticated, fully dressed guy, like some lap dancing slut.

He'd call me over and sitting up, start to wank me, pinching my nipples with his sharp nails as he moved the head of my cock to his mouth. Looking me straight in the eyes he'd open his lips and guide my cock into his mouth as he cupped and stroked my balls. His head moved back and forth as he slowly sank my cock deeper into his throat. When he had me really hard he sat me on his lap, cuddled me then kissed me deeply...all the time wanking me....my arms were tied behind me and my half naked body was completely available to him as his tongue went deep into my mouth and his breathing got heavier.

He'd tell me to stand and turn round, then with my back to him he'd tell me to bend over. I'd feel him slip my tight nylon shorts down slowly and get me to step out of them. Then he'd spread my ankles, slip a hand between my legs, brushing my balls as he reached for my cock, then lean forward and softly kiss my arse. He kept kissing my arse and I could feel his warm breath on my cheeks until at last he began to probe my hole. He kept wanking me as he did this and reaching round he pinched my nipples again as his tongue slipped further up me. When he had me really wet with his spit, he'd slip the tip of his finger into me as he pinched my tits harder. I was in heaven but then he'd tell me I'd been a bad boy and had to make up for it. Kneeling me on the floor he'd stand in front of me hold my chin, then with his finger and thumb open my mouth. Stroking his cock he'd step nearer then brush it against my lips saying, 'Open for the Master' and I'd take his length as he slowly slid it into my wet mouth. Rocking back and forth he'd fuck my face slowly as he stared at the cocks on TV, never letting go of my head, pulling me onto his cock as he swelled in my mouth.

When he knew he was going to cum he pulled his cock out and told me to lie on the floor on my back, arms still tied, and spread my feet. Then he stood over me and wanked himself hard and fast as he stared at the porn, looked at me, a cock stud helpless at his feet, then shot his warm, sticky cum all over me. It landed on my chest, hair and cock as he sprayed it all over me. Standing above me he shook the last few drops onto my face then knelt beside me and kissed me tasting his own cum as he licked my face. Reaching for my shorts he wiped all his cum off me, wiped his own cock with them then helping me stand, slipped them back on me. He zipped himself up and sat back on the sofa ... I was still hard as I felt his sticky spunk soaking thru onto my own cock and he pressed the material against me. He looked at it inches from his face, fascinated as the cum stain spread across the material. He'd sit me back on his lap, telling me I'd been a good boy and he was going to reward me. Then squeezing my cock thru the nylon, he'd slip it out of one of the legs, caress my balls, kiss me again and wank me gently, licking my neck, kissing me and telling me I was his spunk stud til I shot my load all over the floor.

We did this every month for years....such a horny evening.

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