Written by Jamie

6 Oct 2009

Hi I,m Jamie and I,ve just read my little story on here about the fellow I met and had sex with at the camping site.I did,nt think it would be sexy enough to be published,I,ve enjoyed the comments that people have taken the time to submit,thank you.

To be fair the man I had sex with was a really nice fellow,he is still the only person I,ve had sex with.On the night in question after I,d come off and he asked me not to leave he was very patient.I could tell that he wanted me to masturbate him but I was,nt feeling sexy again right away.

I was,nt sure how long my dick should stay erect after having sex with somebody,mine went down fairly quickly,I felt a little embarrassed by that but felt better when his went down.

We sat and talked for a while,he made a cup of tea.He said if I felt better I could put my undies on,I could even leave if thats what I wanted.It was amasing but not feeling pressured to get an erection worked.

As we talked I could feel my dick start to rise again,he just watched it and smiled,would you like me to hold it he said,I spread my legs apart inviting him,it came up quickly in his hand.

He very gently played with my balls,he had the most beautiful soft touch.I watched his dick become fully hard,swelling and moving of its own accord.I,d like you to wank me off he said,I know you,ve never done it before,I,d like to be your first.

He reached for my hand and put my fingers around his dick,it seemed to swell even more and started to jerk.He held my fingers tightly around it and moved his dick up and down between them,his breathing was deep and fast.

He let my hand go,I started to masturbate him,his dick seemed much more powerfull than mine,it was bigger.I was still sitting on the seat he was standing in front of me,I watched his balls move up and down as I moved my hand faster

I looked up at his face,his eyes were closed.His hips started to move backwards and forwards,I reached for his balls and cupped them in my hand,they felt really heavy.I could tell he was going to cum,I also knew I was,nt going to be able to avoid his spunk.

His hips moved faster I had to hold his dick tightly to prevent it getting away from me.I actually felt the first burst of his spunk come through his dick,a low deep sound came from his mouth as his hot spunk started to land on my naked body.

I watched it come from him in one burst after another until the jerking stopped and there was just fast breathing to be heard.He reached down and held my hand tightly on his dick till he had completely stopped.

He opened his eyes and looked down at me,I knew he appreciated what I,d just done.I,ll clean us both he said,funny ,as his dick went down so did mine.We both replaced our undies and as I left his camper,he simply said have a good life.Once im my sleeping bag I took my dick in my hand and masturbated.