Written by Jamie

6 Oct 2009

Like a number of young men I was,t sure of my own sexuality.Of course I wanted to be strictly hetro,even denying to myself that I took more than a passing interest in other mens bodys.Simple things like looking at the front of their shorts on the beach,particularly men in speedos and peeping at their privates in the changing room.

I,m not a great mixer and when I discoverd sites like this on my laptop I started to spend time reading stories,usually gay accounts and use them to masturbate,I did,nt get an erection on the female ones.

I do a bit of camping,I,ve got a small motor bike for getting around.Earlier this year I was at a small site in Wales,it was a very basic site,a small toilet/shower block only 3or4 campers on site and me in my tent,I was only staying a couple of nights anyway.

The washing facility consisted of two showers a couple of basins and a toilet.They told me if I was having a shower I should do so between 7and8 in the morning,the water would be warm then.

The shower units just had half doors,just a bit accross the middle.When I got there just after 7 there was a fellow having a shower,singing as he did so.I could see he,d left his things on the window cill,including his shorts and underpants.

I must admit I was a bit nervous as I took my shorts and undies off,I,m a bit shy about my body.He had finished his shower and was at the washbasins,still singing.I could,nt stay in there for too long the water was already cooling.

I had to come out naked,he was at the basin shaving,he was still naked.Nice morning he said,not really taking that much notice of me,I kept my back to him as I dried.I,ve no idea why but suddenly felt it would be wrong to get dressed before having a shave myself.

A fellow came in use the toilet,he just looked at us and said good morning,I was just being a prude.As he shaved beside me I noticed he would rub his dick against the basin,he was much taller than me,in his 50s I,d say.

He was making small talk,where was I from,where was I going etc.,he was a really nice guy.He was just staying over a few nights,he had a small camper.Been to the local pub he asked,don,t know where it is I said.Why don,t you come with me this evening he said,I like a bit of company.

I liked him,I agreed.I might have been wrong but I was fairly sure he was getting himself excited rubbing his dick on the basin,I had to turn away as I realised my own dick was reacting,I did,nt know if he,d noticed even though when I got my undies on it was pretty obvious,his was definitely semi erect,he did,nt seem in the slightest embarrassed by it.

It was hard not to look as he put his underpants on,they were really small,he spent a little time making his dick comfortable in them.He was still talking but I had no idea what he was saying as I was aware that my own dick had got fully erect,I got my shorts on quick,he did,nt seem to notice.

We left together,we were the only two people left on site,thats mine he said pointing to a camper,have a good day I,ll see you about seven.I went in my tent and immediately put my hand inside my undies and held my dick,I could have masturbated.

Gay thoughts came to my mind,I wondered if he was gay but decided he was probably just at ease with his body,I was,nt even sure how I would react if he was.As I squeesed on my own dick I could see his in my head and wondered what it would be like to touch it,would it be like in the stories I,d read.I wondered what it would be like to watch him cumming,how would I feel if he held my dick and I came.

I spent the day out and about,he was never far from my thoughts.His camper was still there when I returned,I went in my tent and changed,why did I try on several pairs of undies and why did I have an erection as I did so.I could see his very brief ones in my mind,I chose the smallest pair I had,I did,nt wear them a lot they were a bit too tight.

I heard his footsteps before I heard his voice,I felt myself shake.Lets go and enjoy ourselves he said,like me he was wearing shorts and teeshirt.It took about 15 minutes to walk to the pub,he got the drinks in,we both had whisky and coke.My treat he said you can keep your hand in your pocket,I agreed I was a bit short anyway.

After three I was feeling a bit tipsy but totally relaxed,I don,t know how it started but we were talking about sex.I think he quickly realised I was a virgin,he told me how good that was.He told me he was divorced because his wife did,nt understand that he liked to occasionally indulge in sex with other men.

He told me about the first time another man masturbated him,which he said was probably the best sexual experience of his life,he got me another drink and talked in detail about man on man sex.He was sitting opposite me,he suddenly said,I,ve got a hardon talking like this,have you,I think he knew I had.

I saw you get a hardon in the shower this morning,he said,was it looking at mine that did that,I knew I,d gone completely red.Nothing to be ashamed of he said,sex is good for you,have you got a hardon.He slipped his sandal off and I felt his foot move up between my legs.

I sat looking at him taking deep breaths,his toes found the front of my shorts and pressed onto my erect dick,moving up and down it.He moved his hand down between his legs and I could see he was masturbating himself,except for one other table we were the only people in the pub,good job.

I,m ready to go he said with a smile on his face,followed by I,m also nearly ready to come.I did,nt realise how tipsy I was until I stood up.I think we,ll go out the back he said,we don,t want the barman staring at our shorts,it was obvious we both had erections.

Let me help you he said as I staggered a bit,he put an arm around my shoulder at the same time moving my hand onto the front of his shorts and pressing it hard onto his dick,I found myself gripping it and liking it.We stopped walking he held my dick through my shorts and we spent a couple of minutes masturbating each other like that.

He helped me into his camper,it was small inside.He had his teeshirt shorts and underpants off in seconds,his dick which was big seemed to have a life of its own,moving on and off his stomach, the head was clear of his foreskin and shining in the light.

He gently pushed me back onto the seat and knelt in front of me,he undid my shorts,I let him take them off,my dick was standing out of my undies,he lifted my teeshirt up,I took it off,I could feel myself trembling all over.

His fingers gently went around my dick,breathing was becoming difficult,he was breathing heavily.Ever so slowly he moved his fingers up and down feeling the outline of the swollen head then rubbing my precum over it.

I lifted my bottom to let him remove my undies,he spread my legs apart and fondled my balls,he looked up into my face every so often and smiled,no talk now.Little by little his hand moved faster,continueing to give me a reasuring look.

I should have stopped his hand but it was my first time,I suddenly reached that point when you can,t stop yourself cumming.He immediately sensed it,holding my balls in one hand his other masturbated me faster and faster,I could,nt prevent myself opening my legs as wide as could and my hips moving to the rythem of his hand.

His grip tightened as I started cumming forcing my spunk high into the air,I felt it land back on my naked body.He knew exactly when to stop masturbating me,his voice was so soft as he said that was lovely.He ran a facecloth under some water and cleaned the spunk from my body,his dick was still on a full erection,don,t go yet he said,lets just have a little rest.

Somtime later I found out what it was like to masturbate a man and watch him cumming,we both went our separate ways in the morning.